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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Way Back Wednesday: Special Edition

Here is the long awaited tribute to my now 4 year old! I know it is over 2 weeks late, but with all the computer issues, and the crying every time I start taking the trip down memory lane, it just wasn't getting done! Be forewarned there are lots, and lots, and LOTS of pictures! And this is only the digital ones, I need to scan some of her earlier years, b/c she doesn't even look like the same baby anymore! I can't believe how fast 4 years has flown by! Natalie has always been a very good natured child. She is very sweet and quick to show her love. She has brought an immeasurable amount of joy into my world, and I truly thank heaven every day for the gift she is too me.

One of my most favorite pictures of Natalie. This was such a fun age, Keith was working full days so Natalie and I spent a lot of time driving and walking around Beaverton. I wish I could go back and we would have branched out more, but we still had fun!

Natalie was a binky baby for sure! She loved that thing (and I loved those glasses!).
Man, she was so dainty with her 1st birthday cake! This is the messiest picture I had. It took her at least 5 minutes of poking the frosting, and me putting some in her mouth before she finally started to pick at it.
Learning to walk. She was a bit of a late walker, but she looked good! Those were the best shoes ever (I still have them), and she wore them everywhere.

Oh, this face! this is us waiting in the airport for her first plane trip, which was uneventful, but she LOVED to do this face! Such a ham!
Who me? Pretty? Aw, shucks!
She is a child of many faces.

This was a fun day! We toured Cowboys Stadium, it was one of the first things we did when we moved here. She had so much fun playing with the big boys.
Yummy! She figured I snacked on her piggies so much that she would give them a try. That outfit she is wearing was my absolute favorite! She wore it everywhere (she has it on in the above picture too), come to think of it, I hope I saved it!
Happy Easter! Silly Goose!
Her first friend, Ewan! I remember this day. It was a good day.

Swimming lessons 2 summers ago.

Her first fish!
In our old apartment this was her most favorite spot to read and just ponder life! If I couldn't find her, she would be lounging on the tiger.

How could you have forgotten this? Little Texas girl!

Happy (late) Birthday Natalie! We forgot to take the traditional swing picture on her actual birthday (HERE, and yes I am KICKING myself for missing that!), but at least I got one of this beautiful creature!
I love you so much my little girl! More than you will ever know! Thank you for being who you are!

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Anonymous said...

Papa says thanks for all the pictures. I hadn't seen most of those. I am bringing a printer with me. Maybe we can put together an album while I'm there. Love.