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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Date night with Natalie

Tonight Keith took Natalie to Chick Fil A's Daddy Daughter Date night. I love that this fast food restaurant does all sort of fun things like this! They went and ate, there was a guy playing the guitar, Natalie got a rose, and they got free dessert! The best part though was the carriage ride. How cool is that? It was a horse drawn carriage through a neighboring parking lot.

Afterwards Natalie asked Keith if he rode carriages when he was little, since in the old day they rode carriages. Wondering if they had cars when he was little. Ha! I Had a good laugh over that one.

I am glad that my kids have a Daddy that likes to take them out on fun adventures. I remember doing fun things like that with my Dad, and those have become some of my cherished memories. It's so great to see my kids doing activities that will become memories for them down the road.