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Saturday, March 15, 2008

The ole switcheroo

So it was finally time to get Brady out of the old rickety, rusty crib and into his big boy bed! This week happened to be Keith's spring break and also the first week that our house has been occupied by only us in about 5 months. So since Erin found a new place and was not on the top bunk anymore we decided now was a perfect time to seperate the bunks and get organized! The kids were in the smaller room so in order to seperate the bunks we had to switch bedrooms completely. This was a pretty major undertaking, but we did it, and we are all happy with the results!

Here is the before of the smaller bedroom, which had all 3 kids in it! It was so packed that almost all the toys had to be in the closet and of course that meant that the kids never played with them. It got very annoying and I have been so anxious to get those toys out in the open!

Here is the after of the smaller room (we still need to switch the wall stuff). It is a little smooshy, but all of Keith and I's furniture fit in and it has become a nice cozy bedroom!
Here is the before of the larger room. It was just too big for all our stuff so we were constantly having to straighten up! I am so glad that we are out of there!
Here is the after! I am IN LOVE with the kids room now! They can actually play in there, and they do! Natalie loves to sit on her bed and look out the window, since in the other room the one window looks out on the stairwell and so we had it covered and closed up. This window has a view of the lake and nothing else! Wonderful!
Here is Brady's bed. It is the top bunk so it has that complete rail that is supposed to go by the wall, but we are trying it like this so we don't have to buy another guard rail since Brady rolls around so much. He really likes it! It has been a bit of a struggle (we got too lucky with Natalie), but he does go to sleep and stay in bed all night. We just have to make sure he is really tired when we put him to bed or he will try to sneak out of the bedroom. The second night in his bed we heard some noise coming from the room and when we checked on him he had a TON of toys in his bed! We figure as long as he doesn't come out of the room we will take it (but we did promptly remove the toy store from his bed and tuck him back in bed)!

And here is my favorite part: the wall of crap..er, toys. Everything has a place so even if it doesn't get in the proper place at the end of every day, I know that if I feel like deep cleaning I have a place to put it! And so far both kids have enjoyed having a spot to put away their toys, and so they are more likely to do it on their own. And another benefit of having all the toys in the room means that the kids closet is much more neat. We put the kitchen and the tiger in there and it has made a nice little place for her to have her "alone time."


Missy said...

CUTE! I'm so getting one of those rugs, now!

Ashley said...

Looks good. We just separated our boy's bunk beds too. They looove it!

Kelli said...

That does look good, I bet they love it.

Shannon said...

They do! Natalie is very excited to show Ewan, when ya'll get sick of holing up you can come over, lol! No rush though, I know time with the kids is priceless after a long, busy weekend!