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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gimme, gimme, gimme...

...I need, I need, I need! (can anyone other than my family members name that movie? I will give you 5 points)

Anywho, I saw the most wonderful commercial today, and thanks to the wonders of youtube I can share it with you. I first saw this bed in a magazine and I fell in love. I would love to have a home one day with decor that would fit something like this. It is so beautiful and natural and the commercial is precious.

Of course, only the bedding is for sale, but I want that bed! See the textiles HERE.


hummerbob said...

I'll bet the bed is available. That kind of stick/twig furniture is very popular in New England and the Northern Midwest (like Michigan, etc.). L.L. Bean, Orvis or one of the specialty makers would have it. Hope Keith makes LOTS of money when he graduates. You're going to need it.

Wonder who you got that from?

Anonymous said...

Not to mention that you cleanliness fetish would HATE that bed. How do you think you dust it? Icky.

Ashley said...

I've seen a bed similar to that. Jon's accountant has a furniture store and there is one in her showroom. It is outrageously expensive, considering it's made of twigs! It is cute though.

Shannon said...

Oh yeah it would be a bugger to have and clean, but I was imagining it in a guest room with a garden theme, then I only have to clean it when you come visit Lori! LOL.

P.S. This is after Keith and I win the billion trillion dollar lottery of course!