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Saturday, March 15, 2008


So the last month or so I have been addicted to taking trips to JoAnn fabrics to peruse the fat quarter section. I also joined some FQ swaps on Swap-bot and got some fun ones that way. I now have a pretty large collection of material and now I just have to figure out what to do with it all! I think I want to make a small quilted table runner thing for our little table but we will see!
These are my favorites. The black is awesome! It is all polka dots, I bought one FQ and got it home and then realized I wanted more so I scoured all the JoAnn's till I came up with 3! Yay! I also have started gathering some material so I can make something for Natalie. I really love this flowery material, it is seer sucker (what ever that means!), but I cleaned out the stores of this one too! I have about a 1 3/4 of a yard of that one! Now I just have to get creative so I can start sewing.
And these are the sheets I found for Brady! I was so thrilled, they are absolutely perfect for him! All the things he can't stop talking about, school buses, airplanes, trains, cars, you name it it's on there!


Anonymous said...

Well, that answers my question if I should bring the fabric from my Mom's that is gingham (sp) and polka dots. Great quality. You'll find something to do with it. . . .
Love, Lori

Keithaniel said...

Ooo, that sounds cute! I love anything with polka dots! And don't think I didn't notice that you finally caved and commented on the blog! ;)

Shannon said...

Um, that was me up there...hehehe, but it would be pretty funny if it really was Keith!