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I am a stay at home Mom from Oregon who has landed in Texas.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

about some resolutions

1. Fall in love with my blog again. I have taken a break for far too long. Too many memories have not been documented, and it's time to start fresh. Beginning with regular posts and a nice new look...soon.

2. Try and live by my "word of the year". Savor. I want to really take in every little moment and not let any of them slip by without my notice. too often I find myself rushing to get to the next day, the next, the next. This year I want to slow down and savor every waking minute!

3. Fall in love with ME again. Lately I have been feeling increasingly happy with who I am, and I want to keep that trend going. I want to love the person I am, and though it takes work, it's worth it.

4. Keep up the crafting and thrifting mojo. It's something I love and I would love to see my talents flourish. So often I get in the mood for something and then grow tired and move onto the next project. This time I want it to stick!

5. Don't take anything for granted. Much easier said than done, but I feel it's so important to constantly be reminded of how blessed I am to know the people I do, have the family I have, and be in the place that I am!

Don't you just love a new year, and a fresh start? I do!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Birthday!

My Dad turns 60 today! He has lived so many amazing adventures and is going to have so many more. I am so proud to be his daughter, he has taught me so much. I just wanted to let him know how much I love him, how grateful I am for everything. I couldn't have asked for a better Dad or a better Papa for my children! We love you so much!

Friday, December 11, 2009

A glimpse...

..into the crafting madness that is my brain. This is what my craft area REALLY looks like, when it's not all cleaned up for friends! Haha! In these pictures I count no less than 9 projects I am currently working on. Christmas presents for family, presents for Natalie's class, baby presents. It's pure craziness! And super fun!

What's keeping you occupied this holiday season?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I ♥ December...

...because it is so jam packed with festivities. Tons of birthdays, anniversaries and of course the main event, Christmas! Which means lots of family celebrations and get togethers.

...because now I get to see how fun Christmastime can be for kids from the other side of it. I love watching my kids get so excited about every little thing.

...because it's C-O-L-D, and I love to be cold! We may even get to have a (gas) fire in our fireplace soon! And it's even sleet/snowing today!

...because all that cold gives me an excuse to stay in, be warm, drink WAY too much hot cocoa and be lazy!

...because when I get tired of being lazy I can always find a million and one things to occupy my time to get ready for Christmas.

...because my house is more decorated and cozy than any other time of year. If I could I would have a pine tree in my living room year round!

...because it's easier to remember what the purpose of life is. There are opportunities to serve and make other people happy every where you look.

..because I always just feel happier in December, and this year is no exception. I am trying so hard not to let anything get me down, and it's a very nice feeling!