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Sunday, March 16, 2008


When Natalie was a little older than Brady's age there was an instance that I had a Dr. Pepper and she was insisting on giving it a try. So we let her have a sip and as soon as it touched her tongue she just let it fall straight out of her mouth, good girl! She has never had a sip of soda since then. Saturday afternoon we went to try the new Simply Burgers (HERE) restaurant that opened up across the street (it was pretty good, large menu but a little pricey since everything comes separately). We were waiting for our food when Brady decided he wanted a drink from Daddy's cup. We told him it was no good, too spicy for him. He kept pestering so we got a napkin to clean up the inevitable dribble, and let him have a sip (it was Cherry Coke). Surprise, surprise he liked it! Whoops! The rest of the meal he kept crying for some "spicy". We learned our lesson on that one, and we may have just lost ourselves the privilege of getting soda at restaurants now and again, unless we want him crying for it the whole time.


Ashley said...

Ha ha! Too funny!

Danielle said...

i totally understand Natalie's dislike of soda. i too think it is "spicy" and way too sweet! (which is funny because I was raised by parents who were avid Pepsi drinkers back in the 80's.)

not to mention Ryan drinks enough soda for the both of us.

Kelli said...

I let Ewan have some ONLY when we eat out. That way I'm not totally refusing him, and he doesn't go crazy for it. And then even sometimes at restaurants he'll want milk instead.

Shannon said...

Yeah, if Brady wants it when he is older we may let him have it as a treat, but you know that Natalie has always been a little, shall we say, odd with her drink choice! LOL.

Mrs. L said...

Too funny that he calls it "spicy" now. Never thought of it that way, but it's true (I love me my Coke in the Red Can!)