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Tuesday, March 4, 2008


So it all began at 6 a.m. this morning when I rolled out of bed early enough so that I could fix my hair in a feeble attempt to ensure a good license picture. I drove myself to the DMV (don't worry Dad, the lady there said it was A OK to drive myself to the DMV with no other passengers) before dawn so that I could get in line to get my first choice of drive test appointments. After waiting for 40 minutes in the FREEZING cold, I got right in and had my pick of the times. So off I went to pick up the kids and Grandma Lorraine, hop in the car and Lorraine drove as we deposited the children at their respective activities. Brady went to Sarah's (or Aubree [sp?] and Bella's according to Brady) where he had a really fin time, and talked about it all afternoon (THANKS SARAH!!!), and Natalie was off to preschool. After a brief jaunt at the great Target we were off to the DMV. AS we were sitting innocently enough in the car waiting for the tester guy, a man appeared in the rear view and gruffly enough told me what to do. He was seriously mean, to the point of rudeness, like if he was in any other arena talking to me like that I would have said something, but obviously as the man with the power to make or break my life, I kept my mouth shut! So after a grueling 10 minutes and a lecture from the tester man (he said that I was "zoom, zoom, zooming around"...whatever), He told me I passed! So in I went to get my picture, little did I know they were going to make me take off my glasses AND to make matters worse, i forgot to put on my mascara in the car *gasp* so my picture is guaranteed to be HORRIBLE. But who cares? I am back in the land of licensed drivers (and I registered to vote!). The only unfortunate thing about the whole experience is that now I am officially a Texas resident. I never thought I would see the day! (no offense anyone, LOL)

P.S. I know I could have just said "I passed" and called it a post, but where is the fun in that! Plus this took longer and gave me more "quiet" time in the office.


SarahK said...

Congrats! Welcome to the great state of Texas drivers...we all "zoom, zoom, zoom around"!
Im glad Brady had fun, he is a cute little kid...and thank you for taking me to get my car! Muchas gratitudas (haha, made that up right then, can you tell?)

Ashley said...

Yay, so how was parallel parking?

Shannon said...

LOL, parallel parking was fine, except I forgot to use my signal! Oops! And what fun is drinving if you don't zoom a little?? hehehe

Jenny said...

Oh, Shannon, you know Texas is the Promised Land. Now you can come play, wheee!

Mrs. L said...

Congrats...and zoom, zoom, my Uncle (your Dad) is so going to tease you on that one!