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Thursday, March 13, 2008

On the Border

Here are the pictures from our outing to On the Border (Natalie's choice) for a birthday dinner. It was so cute, because we just let Brady be, and he just started sneaking chips over and over and over again. I think he had at least 10.
Natalie I think ate chips, 2 bites of nachos, and TONS of ice cream. If that's not a birthday dinner I don't know what is!
Sneakin' a chip.

We asked Natalie if she wanted them to sing Happy Birthday to her and she said yes. So of course when they all come out the scream first to get everyones attention, and to send Natalie hunkering down in Mommy's side until they were done. All the waiters were very nice and wished her a Happy Birthday when they had finished their song. And then she was free to dig in to the yummiest sundae ever! Lucky for me she preferred the ice cream over the warm brownie! More chocolate for me!


Bobette said...

You did it, you beat blogger! Oh how I miss On the Border and every other tex-mex restaurant. Looks like a good time.

Missy said...

OTB is my favorite and the brownie ice cream is the best thing ever!! Anytime they have the Border Trio (which includes the brownie) we go as often as we can! Looks like a good time! Mmmm. Making me hungry!

Kelli said...

mmmmm, On the Border.