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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Parties (take 2)

Well, here are the few pictures I got on my camera from today! Today started off with a bang (I am beginning to think that Brady's birthday is cursed!). It all started when Natalie came in our room early this morning and she had had an accident. So we got her on the potty and when I went in the kids room to get her some clean clothes Brady woke up crying and he too was soaking wet from a leaky diaper! So into the bathtub they both went, and out the window went Keith's chance to sleep in! Well, because the morning was off to a rough start I thought we would have some cinnamon rolls for breakfast. So while the kids were in the tub I turned the oven on to preheat. Unfortunately I forgot one tiny detail...I had put the Elmo cupcakes in the oven the night before to protect them from roaches!!! So here is the picture of my hard work, ruined by my absentmindedness! I was SO upset!

I thought they were SO cute! I had made Elmo's big eyes with marshmallows and chocolate chips and then I did a bit of a orange slice for the nose. A little silly , but made with love, and then in one stupid move...RUINED! (notice the webs of melted saran wrap? nice.)

This is my favorite picture that I got of Brady. This was before everyone arrived while I was setting up he was just wandering around wearing his little hat. He was so precious today, good natured and just happy as can be. Unfortunately that tricky sun did a number on the back of his neck, ears and nose. I feel HORRIBLE because I was a child of many a sunburn and I am normally so good at protecting the kids. But now I have a pair of pink kids!
He loves this (see it HERE) one, but unfortunately it is completely messed up! Half of the pieces when you put them in the little fridge to identify the foods they say the wrong food! We are going to have to send it back, because both kids love it so much!
These were a hit with Brady and Ewan, LOL! What boy doesn't love Thomas! And the police car (seen HERE) was an instant favorite once we got it home and pulled the little tab thing out so that it could make its full potential for noise! Fun toys, thanks Sarah (and Bella, Aube and James!). He also got THIS, and both kids sat and danced and sang along to the songs for a good 30 minutes this evening, which is an amazing feat for a 2 and 4 year old! Thanks Kelli (and Ewan, Fynn and Bryce)!
Natalie was SO excited that "her friend Ewan" was going to be at the party!
I completely forgot that Natalie didn't know I had made goody bags, and when I passed them out she was so happy! It is hard to see your sibling getting all these presents and nothing for you (though a good life lesson), so she couldn't wait to tell me all about her gift (a thing of bubbles, a small Elmo book, and a thing of playdoh), not realizing that I am the one who gave them to her! She was shocked when I said they were from me, it cracked me up! She couldn't figure out how I did it without her knowing!
Well, these are all the pictures for now. I know more were taken and I will share when they come to me (no rush Sarah, LOL)!

And a P.S. for Aunt Sharon: I emailed you again, did you get it?? Do you think they are going into your spam folder or something?


Mrs. L said...

Oh Shannon, the cupcakes! But think of the story you get to tell Brady about when he's older :)

Shannon said...

I know! It allready makes for a good story, but man oh man you should have seen the "Elmo" cupcakes that walmart made for us. They had the tiniest beady eyes, they were hilarious! I for get that when you ask for a memorable day, I need to specifiy GOOD memories! LOL

Kelli said...

Thanks for inviting us, and what cute pictures. It's so good that Natalie and Ewan love each other. Because there's nothing better than having someone to love that loves you back! Happy birthday, Brady!

Shannon said...

Does he love her too? Sometimes she gets in these moods where he is all she talks about, I worry that it is her first unrequited love, but if he thinks of her too, then HURRAH! I am excited for them to start school together, should be fun!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh, your poor cupcakes! I have done stuff like that so many times. Once when Kelli was pregnant with Ewan she babysat for us and they were gonna make pizzas or something and I forgot to tell her there was a store bought cake in the oven. Needless to say, the plastic and cake melted FAST! I think our smoke alarm went off too. I didn't use my oven for months! I had to use this heat gun to melt the plastic off!

Shannon said...

Oh goondess! Melted plastic is the WORST! We have put tupperware on the hot stove and melted it all over the burner, luckily it was a rental and we just didn't use that burner anymore!