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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Happenings

So of course now the eggs are out! Our house has been taken over by neon Easter eggs! Every year so for the kids have really enjoyed being able to play "Easter egg hunt" which involves Keith or me hiding the eggs over and over and over and over again while the kids run around finding them. This year I made a promise to myself that we will put the eggs away Wednesday night. I am not sure how long I can take it, there are just SO. MANY. EGGS! I don't know how we get so many, I think because I save them, and every year for some reason I either buy more or we get more from hunts.

We did learn our lesson about leaving the candy in the eggs though. I had made each egg so that it contained a "serving" of candy so the kids could pick out one egg and eat the contents. Well, um, letting the kids play with eggs that have candy inside? Not a good idea. It wasn't long (like milliseconds) before Brady figured out how to open them and start cramming in robins eggs and cadbury mini eggs like crazy. And then today when I was cooking dinner and the kids were running around the living room kicking eggs, Keith and I suddenly heard and ominous sound....silence. Keith went to find the monkeys and when he went into the bedroom they weren't there! But wait, the closet door was closed...and what do we all think he found when he opened that door? Two smiling kiddos having their way with the Easter candy! Sneaky little buggers! Needless to say the eggs are all empty now!


Ashley said...

Ok, now that is funny! Smart kiddos!

Anonymous said...

That's hirarious. I know exactry what you mean about the sirence. Unress they're asreep, comprete sirence is not a good thing.

SarahK said...

dork, much. Maybe James should go with Bella to her speech therapy class tomorrow!

Kelli said...

Okay, I had a good comment, but it flew out of my head when I saw James' comment and couldn't stop laughing.

Shannon said...

me thinks james needs a hobby, lol, but you are pretty funny!

Kelli said...

Being funny IS James' hobby.