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Saturday, January 31, 2009

A kindred spirit

Well, I sacrificed my precious nap to expose Natalie to one of the greatest stories of all time. We hit the jackpot at the library this week and found Anne of Green Gables on DVD! I love this movie, and the books are just wonderful, and I was so excited to share it with Nat. To be honest she was not so excited at first, but how could she not fall in love with the story? But of course she did, and we had a wonderful lazy afternoon in my bed watching it. I hope she grows to love this story like I do! Of course, we should have been out and about on this Saturday, but I am sick, and Keith is gone to class, and Brady was sleeping. So this is about the best way I can think of to waste a few hours! Nothing like a little Anne to bring you out of the depths of despair!

I would like my own copy of the DVD's and the full set of books too, please. ;)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Little Things

1. For the last week or so Brady has watched all or part of The Incredibles, every day. This is BAD, I am embarrassed to write this, the boy watches far too much T.V. (which we hope to remedy soon, with a YARD), but it is just so sweet. He loves that movie. He loves to be Dynaguy or Dash. He quotes obscure parts of the movie (which is also sad, but cute). And I just love it. (Even though I just read that when your kid watches more than 1.5 hours of TV a week in hampers their imaginative play, and instead of making up their own games the play scenarios from the movies instead. Um...my kids totally do that. Whoops!)

2. I LOVE having the bunks up (still haven't taken pictures of it). The kids have so much more room to play, and I just love it.

3. Keith and I found the PERFECT house this week. In our ward, 3 bedrooms, master had an office area, 2 bathrooms, large entryway (a must for me, so people have room to take of their shoes, LOL), 2 car garage, brand new tile all throughout, HUGE closets, HUGE backyard, designated garden area already made. BUT the rent was teensy bit too high, even after them coming down $150 for us, and we would have to move in in February. Arg! I guess it wasn't the perfect house...

4. Operation "cook dinner on the nights I work" is in full swing and is awesome. Last work week went so well, and it was so nice for Keith to have one less thing to worry about. This week has started off to a good start with some seriously good BBQ pork from a recipe Shellie gave me. And the ladies at work just gave me two more crock pot recipes that I can use next week. It takes some planning and a large grocery trip to get everything for the upcoming week of food, but it has been so nice! Though we do have lots of leftovers...

5. I am SO behind on blogs. Seriously, my google reader scares me. It is a daunting task. Luckily I work this week!

6. I love listening to the radio in the car with the kids. They have their favorite songs that they always ask me to turn up, and then we all sing along. I have a horrible memory for naming songs unless I am listening to it, but some of the biggest hits with them are I'm Yours, Viva la Vida, Hot n' Cold, Life is a Highway (Cars edition), and anything Taylor Swift (apparently I DO like her, just not live, who knew?), and I know there are more, I just can't think of them.

7. I loved having seven days off. I got to put the kids to bed, have one on one time with Natalie during Brady's nap, relax at night with Keith, help Keith study, craft, watch TV, and just be. I hope one day I don't have to work, I am SO blessed to have this job, it is basically a dream job for us, but it still isn't as good as just being a Mommy.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby Steps

I really didn't make too many resolutions this year, because I never EVER seem to follow them, and that is just depressing, but one thing that so far we have been diligent at this year is Family Home Evening. Our church encourages us to take one night a week, normally Monday, and spend it with all the family. Having a small spiritual lesson, an activity of some sorts (big or small) and it normally includes a treat too! It has been hard for us in the past to do this because I work at night, and so every other Monday we wouldn't be able to do it, so why do it on the free Mondays? right?

Well, we have done it every Monday night since the new year, and that makes me so happy! The kids love it, I love it, Keith loves it, and we feel GOOD about it. We take the time to see what issues we need to be working on and work that into the lesson for the night. Sometimes, when I work Keith has to do it by himself with the kids, but other nights he has brought them in the room with me if work is not so crazy, and I am able to listen in and participate a bit.

Our activities range from coloring a picture that goes along with the lesson, to working together on a project, to cleaning the bedroom! I encourage you all to try it, it has really become a nice thing that we do, and I wish we would have started sooner! There are lots of things I wish we did as a family as far as spiritual things, but I know that baby steps are better then no steps at all, and doing FHE every week is for sure a step in the right direction!

One of my favorite activities for FHE that we have done so far were making these mini pizzas. I found the crusts at WalMart, we cut up a bunch of healthy toppings, and the kids were able to make and eat their own healthier version of our favorite snack. Something you could easily do any time of the week, but when you add an opening song and prayer, and tie it in to eating healthy and making right choices for your body, voila! An instant FHE lesson!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Photos edited

This morning I had some time, and I decided to mess around with some of the pictures I took yesterday. With the help of Pioneer Woman and photoshop elements, I think these pics turned out kinda cool. I like enhancing the pictures, and taking off the gray cast, but it takes so much work! I did unsharp mask on Nat's picture and I am not sure if I like it, but I was too lazy to change it back! LOL!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Today after naps the kids and I headed out to the grocery store and I realized the air was perfect, the kids were happy, and the light was nice and soft. So I grabbed the camera and took some much needed current pictures. I realized yesterday I haven't posted REAL pictures of the kids in far too long. There were too many too choose from, so I posted a ton!
Brady was very proud of his new haircut. They cut it REALLY short, but he wanted it that way. He looks like a totally different kid with it so short. He is also modeling some of his new duds. He has just sprouted up like a weed these last few weeks, he has even been having growing pains in the middle of the night! So needless to say I have been bargain hunting, and I have found some great stuff!

Are we done yet?

Monday, January 19, 2009


1. I made TWO new crockpot recipes so far this work week AND the kids ate them. boo yah! And I have 2 more I want to try thanks to Shellie. (she's funny, check her out!)

2. Brady is LOOOOOVING his cape. He wears it and/or the matching shirts literally every day. In fact I think the Superman shirt has been on since Saturday night (taken off begrudgingly for church and meal times...to extend the wear.) It's gonna be a fight in the morning because I stupidly forgot to wash the Batman shirt, and the Superman shirt REALLY needs a good washing!

3. Natalie is in no way shape or form a toddler anymore. I don't think she has been for awhile, but I have been in denial. She talks to me like a full grown kid, and it still weirds me out. She has opinions on how we spend the day, who we play with, what we do. She is 5 going on 14, except I think she has been 14 for about a year already, and it is just now sinking in. We have a lot of fun together, I know there will be rocky times ahead, but she is just so fun!

4. Keith and Mommy are making it work! Keith is study, study, studying like nobodys business. It is by far the hardest thing he has ever done. Especially when I work. He gets home, I go to work. We see each other in bits and spurts and sometimes the longest period of time in a row is maybe 15 minutes. Those days are rough. Seriously, we are going to have some major celebration of some sort after this dang test is done! Mark the date, February 26th.

5. I am dangerously addicted to Pet Society on facebook. It is a sickness. And if you want to play too, I have a link on my profile. But beware.

6. I entered a handmade toy swap, and I am really excited about it. I hope this fever I have for making things doesn't stop!

Friday, January 16, 2009

I think...*edited*

...I need to learn to knit. I have a hankering, and it won't go away. I MUST learn how. I must! There are too many wonderfully, beautiful things I could be making.

...that I am seriously addicting to MAKING things. I have a list of projects I want to do a mile long. I have the handmade fever, and I love it.

...Keith is worried I am becoming a hippy (and we use the term very lightly and in jest). My sister, Sarah, and I agreed this isn't the worst thing in the world. Project number one when we move is a recycling station. Number two is a garden if the landlord will let me. *That is not to say that gardening or recycling makes you a "hippy" we just tease about it here, because currently we do neither of those things. I am just trying to live a bit more environmentally conscious lately, and that is a good thing.*

...I miss my family SO SO much. I would do anything to have my sisters near me. Now when we are older, this is when we can be friends, and I think we would all be the best of friends if only we had the opportunity.

...it's pretty darn chilly here in Texas. Not as bad as the northwest, to be sure, but when you live in Texas you just aren't equipped in the wardrobe department to handle such cold days.

...the ladies at work had it right when they said you can never have too many jammies. They are our work uniform after all!

New favorite blog

The Long Thread. All about handmade goodness.

And if you like to make things, check out this post about the top 100 tutorials on the web. So cool. So much to make so little time!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

To Do List *Updated*

**Not too shabby what I got done today. Of course the thank you cards didn't even get touched. And I don't care who you are, cleaning one toilet is enough for one day. Not sure why I didn't get a picture though, darn it! There is always tomorrow!

Here is my to do list for tomorrow. Maybe if I post it and then have some accountability I will actually DO some of it. I have had a problem lately with lack of motivation to DO anything other than play with the kids or check that darn facebook (and play pet society) or nap or any other number of things rather than the hard and icky stuff I SHOULD be doing. So tomorrow I will update and cross of the things I actually did. Oh, and I have to add SOME fun stuff, or I won't want to do any of it and we are back to square one.

1. Clean bathroom A floor, toilet, sink area.
2. Clean bathroom B floor, toilet, sink area.
3. Play house/Lego's/hide and seek with the kids, they are loving all their new food! (gonna have to do some more of this one later!)
4. Take a picture of the kids bedroom. (We made their beds into bunks since they won't be sharing when we move, and they LOVE it!)
5. Make a grocery list. (Why is this one of the grossest chores ever? I hate planning meals, and no one ever has any ideas of what they want to eat!)
6. Find some new EASY crock pot recipes for nights when I work. (This is a part of me trying to take away any extra stress from Keith that I can. He is so good and cooks every night I work. That's crazy!)
7. Clean off the bar area. Again.
8. Work on felt tomato.
9. Make lunch. (gotta have something easy I KNOW I will cross off!)
10. Nap. (I only got a "na" today, definitley not long enough to constitute as a nap.
11. Start thank you notes for all the Christmas goodness we were blessed with this year.
12. Have to add: laundry. Washed and folded 2 loads already, one more load washing now. Woot!

A very respectable list. Check back tomorrow night to see what I got done!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our New Motto

Though I hadn't been singing it like this, now I will though. Gotta love anytime you can sing something in a crazy operatic voice!


Brady turns THREE in one month. ONE MONTH! And then Natalie turns FIVE!!!! How did this happen?

Don't even get me started on the fact that my baby girl starts Kindergarten in September. I am SO not ready to deal with that. There is a lot of denial in this house where the kids growing up is concerned. I'm not sure if I like it. Not one little bit.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fresh Picked

Oranges! More yummy {felt} food for the kids. They are a bit chubby, but that makes them seem even more juicy! Yum!

Randomness of all randomness, with some boring thrown in {our weekend in review}

1. Thursday: Took Nat to school, took Brady and headed over to Kelli's for some fun and pet shopping, Brady wore his cape almost the whole time (it came off midway through the pet store so he could swim like a fish), mmmm Taco Bell, mmmm Mmm baby Corgan, went back to pick up Natalie, nap time, watched the kids play jungle gym on Uncle Jason, braved Chuck E. Cheese for pizza (meh) and games (woot!) and came home bursting with loot, three lollipops for Brady (that's all he wanted) and a necklace, ring and sparkly comb for Natalie, crashed into a sweet slumber, mmmm bed.

2. Friday: Dusted the living room, did ALL the laundry, vacuumed, played, cleared off the bar (that thing is like a stuff MAGNET, I tell ya!), organized the kids toy bins, played playdoh, played Pet Society on facebook (I am seriously addicted, but it is SO fun! and totally dorky too...), napped, made dinner, family time, relaxed.

3. Saturday: Saw Jason out the door (with Brady telling him, "Don't get in a car accident"), packed up the kids to brave Sam's club with the promise of fun food samples, got to Sam's and wondered why it was dead, realized they don't put out samples till lunch time (but the kids still got some yogurt), got out of there with minimal damage to my bank account (and no tears over not having pizza), stopped by Sonic for a Rt 44 Diet Dr. Pepper, gave in and bought 2 corndogs for the kids (to be eaten with carrots and grapes), put the kids down for naps, started making some felt oranges, caught up on all my TV shows, received the last 2 Christmas packages, cleaned up the kids waiting for daddy to get home. Whew.

4. Saturday evening: Let the kids open a few of the (unlabeled) gifts and dole them out to the rightful owners (we just couldn't wait), packed up in the car and headed to Little Elm (holy COW, it is far) for dinner at a work friends house, mmmmm nacho bar, chatted it up, got out of there so we weren't getting home at 11 o'clock, got home, saw Keith out the door to go help some friends in dire need of a toilet that works, got the kids to bed, worked a bit more on the oranges, headed to bed to enjoy SNL with Neil Patrick Harris (such a good episode, even though it confirmed my dislike of Taylor Swift live, she sounds much better on the radio), played Pet Society to kill time till Keith got home, watched TV to kill time, passed out around 1:30 with the TV on and the front room lights blaring.

5. Sunday: Woke up at 6 to the TV on and the front room lights blaring, had a mild panic attack, got my self together and called Keith (who was still working on the bathroom project), layed in bed waiting for husband to roll home, dozed off, jumped like a scardey cat when I saw a dark shadow in my kitchen, realized it was Keith, went back to bed, woke up AGAIN, got the kids food, got them dressed, sent them off to church with the Taylor's (who seriously ROCK!! and fulfilled one of my Christmas wishes), enjoyed 2.5 hours of MY HOUSE without the kids, put the kids down for naps.

And here I am, watching the Eagles and the Giants (also wondering what alternate universe of the NFL I am watching), laughing at the Fox NFL Robot Guy (I seriously love that thing, he cracks me up, he was just doing the electric slide, and thanks to Google I just learned his name is Cleatus...fitting, no?) and typing out all I can remember of this fun and crazy weekend.

Hope y'all had a fun and love filled weekend too!

Friday, January 9, 2009


Hey honey! I have a great idea! Let's all get dressed in our jammies and cuddle up and watch Planet Earth together. We can have a learning evening together. Ok guys! Come on, hurry up, the show is starting!

Ooooh! Look at all the caribou! How cool, such a large herd! Look how they run all together! Oh, sweet little babies, so precious. Oh look! Wolves, see how they are running and, um...chasing the caribou. Oh...see how they are chasing the weak, innocent calf. Run calf, run! Don't trip! Sigourney said you can make it if you just DON'T TRIP. Run! Run, run, RUUUUN! Oh! Looks like the white wolf is a bit too fast, for the poor, sweet baby caribou. Quick, cut to commercial.

Cue sweet Natalie crying some serious tears for the baby caribou.

Cue Mama and Daddy trying to explain the circle of life, and the food chain to a now traumatized almost 5 year old.

Cue lots and lots and LOTS of hugs and kisses and reassurances that Heaven has a special place for all the animals, and that Jesus loves the animals too, just like He loves us.

It's Official

Keith got the rest of his grades back. He is offically a Doctor of Law. That is SOOOO cool. Technically you could could call him Dr. Keith Bowers, but that can get confusing between a medical degree and a law degree, so Keith Bowers, J.D. works just fine.

(Though he can't actually practice yet.)

(hahahahahahahaha. I'm just kidding. Well, not about the whole offically having a J.D., but about the calling him a J.D. thing. Yeah.)

But still SO COOL.

Perfect Paper Dolls {and other fun things}

Oh, how happy I was when I checked my blog updates this morning and The Black Apple posted about these precious new creations of hers. These are the next things on my {Black Apple} wishlist. I imagine framing them and putting them in my craft/creating room. They are truly made to actually cut up and use, but I just don't think I could! Enjoy the pictures in a larger size here on her blog, or cry a little here at the fact that they are all sold out. I hope, hope, hope these are going to be a staple in her shop so I can snatch up a set when the time (and money) is right!
Of course that got me to browsing ETSY, and I couldn't help but share a few things I had to add to my favorites.

Perfect for some little monkeys! Mini monkey flap hat. More adorable hat goodies in her shop. Oh and don't even get me started on THESE. Kill me now.

I thought this print was really cool and modern, she has some other neat things in her shop. And other colors of this same photo. I also like the Love One Another print.
I have just been admiring this pretty felt wallet for so long made by one of my all time favorite people I don't know. Wishcake has created such sweet things, and she does special orders if you contact her! I am waiting for a small pocket for my mp3 player. I may just have to order one soon.

And these recycled crayons are just the coolest!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A few things I love...

...Natalie napping in my Grandma's rocking chair after church on Sunday. Darn it for not getting a picture though, and Keith said she asked if she could sleep there! Super cute from my non napping girl.

...Brady in his underwears.

...random warm days (I'm talking 80's) in the dead of winter. Gotta love Texas climate.

...warm socks, long sleeves, and the perfect sweats being my work uniform.

...playing Guitar Hero with Keith.

...phone calls from my family. Always always a lovely treat. I will drop everything when they call me.

...squishy nekkid bebeh hugs.

...work "Fridays". Gettin' ready for FIVE DAYS OFF! Woot!

...brownies with pecans and chocolate chips, cool whip if ya got any. mmmmmm.

...surprise (and not so surprise) visits from family. Jason is here, and my Dad is coming soon! Yay!

...dancing ballerinas and soaring supermans.

...good days. Today was a good good day.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


...am I the only one that can't stand Beyonce...I mean Sasha Fierce? If I hear one of her songs ONE MORE TIME on the radio, or see her shaking her booty on the TV, I think I might puke.

Or Taylor Swift for that matter. Like, why does everyone think she is so awesome? Her songs are cute, and sweet, and safe for the kids to listen too, and actually not THAT bad. But, I don't think she is like AMAZA-ZING. I remember that one performance at some awards show where she got rained on, and everyone raved and raved and RAVED about how awesome it was, so I looked it up on youtube. Hmmm...I don't know much about singing, but she sounded weird. Let's just say, not good live. She is not a rocker.

Awesome, I found the video. You be the judge.

Sorry to all you Taylor fans. Not trying to be a hater, but yeah...not so much on the live rocker girl thing.

Proud Bubby Boy

To be honest, the potty training around here has been sporadic. I know Brady is ready, he will even go poopy in the potty, but we all got sick and all the little accidents, and having to be diligent about getting him on the potty was just taking too much of my already short supply of energy. But, I have committed myself to doing it, meaning I bought a tiny package of diapers so I can't fall back on them, and we are going to knock this one out!

Brady loves to go on the "bug boy potty" and when we set him up there, he looks down and then once he starts going he looks up with this super sweet "I am doing it!" grin. So technically he is peeing in these pictures, LOL, but don't think about that too much.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Arg! I am getting really tired of not getting email notifications on comments, because I accidentally just rejected two comments. Sorry Mindi and Lori, I love your comments! Please comment again!

Anyone else having trouble getting comment notification emails? Anyone know how to get it fixed?? ARG!!!

Comedy of Errors

You ever have one of those days where seriously everything that could go wrong does? Do they also make you want to shoot yourself in the foot like they do to me? Today was one of those rare days where I was grateful that I am able to come into my "office", shut the door, and just be done with the whole mess. I told Keith that family home evening needs to be FUN today, to make up for all the NOT FUN of today!

I'm not even going to go into major detail. But, let me say that if there was a glass to be spilled, it spilled, if there was a rule to be broken, it was broken, if there was a toy to snatch, it was snatched. I think you get the idea. I suppose days like this make us appreciate the good ones, but HOLY COW, work better be smooth!

Keith said he was going to do puppet show for the kids, so that will help them to calm down a bit, and maybe listen (for once!!). I love my kids more than anything, but they are still kids, and they have to let out all there rebellious energy every once in awhile, I just wish it wasn't all on the same day!

I need a Diet Dr. Pepper.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Things I learned from my parents...

I am learning more and more every day how much my parents have influenced the person that I am. From the good to the bad to the interesting. But I like it. I have more parental units than any one person probably needs (four of them just to clarify), but each one has helped shape me into who I am today, and I wouldn't change that for a thing.

1. Knowing that "there is always someone out there who loves you".

2. Aggressive driving with the urge to honk. A lot.

3. Being sensitive.

4. The desire to be a good Mom.

5. Farting skills of a trucker. Not that I ever USE them. No way. Not me. Never.

6. The need to tell Keith to "be safe" or "drive safely" every single time he leaves the house. (I like this because the kids already do this too, they call out to him as he is leaving. Love it!)

7. My metabolism. ugg.

8. Love of games and puzzles.

9. Blue eyes, brown hair, fair skin.

10. The (unfortunate) tendency to get very stressed, very fast.

11. The love of cooking/baking/making yummy things.

12. A strong, smart mind with a love of learning.

13. Sewing skills.

14. How to love my kids. No matter what.

I am so grateful for my family, and for my parents. It is hard not having any of them near me, especially when I need help or advice or just a shoulder to whine on. But I know one day I will live near my family, and until then they are only a phone call away. I just hope they know how much I love and appreciate all they do and have done for me!

Catching Up: part 3

*go here and here for parts one and two.*

The finish to our family day was topped off by a trip to IHop and then we went over to Alley Cats to bowl. But seeing as how it was a Saturday it was packed so we walked over to the putt putt place in the same parking lot. Lets just say there was a reason it was so empty! LOL! A teensy bit ghetto, but we still had fun. The kids loved it, and we will for sure go again, maybe not at that place, but somewhere. I am so glad that Keith's parents and brothers were able to come out for the graduation because we were able to have so much fun.

Of course every time I try and take a picture of Natalie she does this. Seriously, I am starting to understand why this bugged my parents so dang much! LOL!
Nat loves to hang out with the big kids.
Of course every single time I get the camera out to tape the kids, they act all weird. This was the best of three videos I shot that day.

Blog Fast

I don't know if you've noticed, but I have been kind of avoiding posting here. It has gotten to the point where I was afraid to post what I wanted for fear of...well, actually I don't know. Probably being judged for being too whiney, or complainy, or happy, or excited-y (yes, I wrote it, because I can).

But, this morning I realized that this is my blog. And I write about my life. The ups the downs and all the crazy inbetweens. And since most of you don't comment on my blog (which is cool, don't get me wrong. I like comments, but when I get less each one matters more), I am going to write about whatever I want. No fear of negative or mean comments! Not that any of it is that scandalous, but I just started feeling slightly censored, and I don't want that. I know that a lot of my family silently (and not so silently) read my blog (hello all you loving family members) and I have been feeling guilty about not keeping them updated, because I am sure they have become dependant on this blog (like I have) to keep track of us Bowers everyday lives.

So anyway, blog fast over. Starting now. I don't have much to post yet, but I will. I pinky promise.

P.S. Don't judge me for this post because that is EXACTLY what I am talking about. So stop it right now. I can feel you wanting to judge me.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Here we gooooo...

Well, Keith is off to his BAR BRI class today. I may have mentioned before (possibly a million times) that it is 6 days a week. I am excited and apprehensive about it. It marks and ending to one part of our lives and a beginning to another. I don't know who this next 2 months will be harder for, me or Keith. I am thinking Keith, since he has class from around 8:30 or 9 until noonish, then studying all afternoon until he has to come home so I can go to work and then he has to take care of the kids. Yikes! I am worried too because I have come to count on Keith for so much,. I know I can do it all on my own, and I do when I have too, but I have been lucky not to have to lately. Keith was just a phone call away for advice and I knew he would always be home before 4 (due to the fact that he goes into work early just so that he can leave earlier). But now that option is gone. No phone calls, no coming home early, no family days on Saturday. Nothing. My new mantra is "make it to March." Only two months of hard. I think I can, I think I can!

Happy New Year

Here is my obligatory New Year's post. I am not a big fan of resolutions because they never seem to be fulfilled. But I am a fan of a new year and all that it brings. This year is going to start off with a bang for us, and I have a feeling it will keep on going. I am excited for change, out with the old, in with the new. So long 2008 and all the memories, good and bad, that you hold for me. Hello 2009 and all the promises of new memories, milestones, and growth.