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Friday, August 13, 2010

free stuff

I swear everyone is in giveaway mode in blog land! I don't often enter them, because they take too much work, but there is one going on over at Natalie's Sentiments that I had to try for! It's for a pair of SANUK vegan shoes. They are so cute, and too pricey for my blood, so I had to give winning a try!

Natalie's Sentiments

Head over here to enter yourself (while you are there check our her blog, it's one of my favorites...no clue how I found her, but I sure love reading it!) and head over to Sanuk to check out the cool shoes. I want to get a pair for Keith if I win!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

stop the presses!!!

I actually digi-scrapped something! It's been MONTHS since I have done anything, but I got the urge this past week when my favorite designer had a huge sale in her shop. (One of the things I bought is still available here and actually the other kit I bought is here!)Spent 8 bucks, got a TON of mini kits and now I am weeding through them to see what I can create.

Here is my first foray back into the world of digital scrapping, I forgot half my shortcuts, and couldn't figure out how to add the drop shadows without doing it a seriously round about way, but at least my desktop is a bit cuter for the rest of the month. I am not wild about it, but it's a start! The kids picture obviously makes it about 300% better!

Grandparents feel free to snag this and make it your desktop too! How can you not love those cheesy grins?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Crafts I want to do...

I spend a lot of my free time perusing the Internets and bookmarking fun craft and gift ideas. Here are a few that I WILL make...one day!

Paper dress banner in a shadow box. How cute is this? I love all the little details, and it is so feminine! Would make a great piece of art in a little girly room!

I WILL make this fabric monogram! I am really into monograms lately, I think they are just so fun and so personal! This one is truly almost TOO easy for a tutorial, but hey! I am just sad I didn't think of it first!

When Mindi comes we are TOTALLY making some of these wet bags! I need to work on my zipper skills...these will be perfect for Min because she does cloth diapers! Plus, any new Mom should really have a bag in her arsenal for all those blow out clothes! No one wants to be stuck with stinky clothes and no where to put them...been there, done that!

and a few more links...because I am too lazy to do the pictures! Ha!

Handmade baby blocks...what a great Christmas/birthday/baby shower gift!

Noodlehead's gathered clutch...a perfect way to practice my zippers!

Sketchbook caddy...with kids that love to draw as much as mine do I am actually ashamed I haven't made these yet. I smell a Christmas present in the works!

Toddler and crib sheets...somebody PLEASE let me make you some custom sheets! The possibilities are endless and I am dying to try this out!

So much to make so little time!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mini bedroom makeover

For the longest time Keith and I have neglected our poor bedroom. We had a white down comforter bought at least 4 years ago on black Friday, mismatched pillow cases and nothing on the big wall above the bed (there is a mostly before pic in this post, but the bed is in a different location). I have been wanting to remedy this for a long time, but short of buying a whole new bedroom set I was stumped, and since a new bedroom set is not in the works for us just yet...I was stuck with what I had! Which was bugging me! So I have been on the constant thrifty hunt for something just right for us, look wise and budget wise.

On a recent trip to Joanns with a friend we spotted these HUGE cardboard letters, and an idea was formed. On that same trip I found the perfect scrapbook paper in all of my favorite decorating colors, and a date was set to get to mod podging...one crafty afternoon later and voila! Some personalized wall art, made by me! I love the sconce things too. I got those AGES ago at wal mart and recently spray painted them cream. Much better than the original black.
Please ignore our teeny tiny pillows...I am too cheap to buy the big King ones, and another reason I never do is because I am holding out hope that we will get a smaller bed sooner rather than later!

The bedding was another great find! $27 for a King comforter, 2 shams and a bed skirt (thank you Ross! Love that store...)! Woo hoo! And I love the color, it's the perfect shade of aqua. We already had brown sheets, and then I used some of my Kohl's cash from school clothes shopping to get a frilly white sham and a super soft brown throw pillow. I would love to have a headboard, and actually I would love to have a queen bed, but for now, I love it! It looks like a real grown up bed, haha, and not so ho hum.

Now if only we didn't have so much clutter in our bedroom....hmmm...I smell another project in the works!