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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Parties (take 3)

Here are some more wonderful pictures from Brady's party taken by the lovely Sarah. click on the pictures to see them in better detail. Some of them are just wonderful!

Here's Erin...she carried a watermelon...I love this picture!

My sweet birthday boy!

The Kirchmanns


I am sorry, but that is one cute kid, and one cute outfit!

Perfect picnic food, uncrustables, goldfish (whales actually), cheese sticks, juice boxes, and bags of apple slices! Yummy feast!

And a huge sub sandwich for the old folks!


The bestest one! I love this pic so much. My little boy all growd up!


Missy said...

Awww, I'm so sorry we missed his party! He looks like a stud in his outfit and I HAVE to ask where you got his shoes! They're so cool!

Shannon said...

I know! I wish ya'll could have been there! And his shoes are from Payless, I got them during the BOGO sale so they weren't as pricey. I actually saw them before the sale and when the sale came on I had to hunt around town for them, but they are fabulous! LOL

SarahK said...

Good pics, if I do say so myself (again)...lol...BUT when kids are cute it makes pics easier to take!

Jenny said...

Wow, Brady looks just like you in that last pic!

Danielle said...

what a fun day, and what beautiful weather for an outdoor birthday.

Kelli said...

Mmmmm, sandwich... It was fun, and Fynn still loves his ball. A lot.

Shannon said...

Jenny: you really think so? no one has ever said that before! Sqeee!

Danielle: It was perfect, a rare good thing for poor B! He deserved good weather, though it did look questionable at first we all ended up with rosy cheeks!

Kelli: Mmmmm...sandwich! easy and good! And I am glad he likes the ball, yay! Money well spent!

Mrs. L said...

Great photos of the kids. Brady looks so cute!

Shannon said...

I can't wait for you to meet him Mrs L. you will fall instantly in love! We are hoping to get over that way this summer! *fingers crossed*