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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

One more birthday bash

Tonight we took Natalie on her last "birthday" activity (at least until the next batch of grandparents come to town, lol). I have been wanting to get Natalie a Build-A-Bear as soon as she would be old enough to choose her own, and since Erin works there she got her a gift card so tonight we were finally able to go! I was excited and Natalie has been talking about it for weeks now, so she was excited too! She picked out the pink sparkly bear (surprise, surprise!) and then it was fun because Erin was able to help Natalie stuff the bear. I forgot to get a picture of Natalie rubbing the little heart insert on her forehead (to make the bear smart) and cheek (to make her smile) and tummy (so she'll never be hungry) but I did finally get out the camera when they were almost done! After a lengthy process of picking out just the right outfit (I was sure she was going to get the Tinkerbell dress that she had been talking about all these weeks, but we ended up with a regular shirt and capris) they sang happy birthday to Nat, and made her ring this HUGE cowbell. She did really good and didn't even cry! I was such a proud Mama!
Then of course we went to get some ice cream and Natalie had her very own cone.
Brady gets a little overenthusiastic between bites (aka screaming for more), it got annoying so we ate fast and hightailed it outta there! A very fun time was had by me and Natalie, but I am afraid poor Dad got stuck with Brady who wasn't too thrilled to be strapped in the stroller!
Natalie and Princess.


SarahK said...

aww!! I love Build-a-bear! How fun! And she picked out just the right one!!

Kelli said...

She look so grown up in that last picture. Very cute. I took Ewan to Build-a-Bear once when he was younger, and he wasn't all that impressed. Boys.

Danielle said...

how fun for Natalie.

Mrs. L said...

I love her pink Build a Bear, how cute!

Erin said...