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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bits of cute

Brady cried himself to sleep for a nap, so I like to check on them when they are finally quiet. When I went in he was sleeping like this. I love it because it means he cuddled with these on his own!
Natalie's school had a Texas appreciation week and the second day they were supposed to wear "Texas" clothes, so I assumed that meant boots? Anyway she was being such a sad sack that morning it cracked me up. Lonely little cowgirl!
Yay for craft fairs! There is a craft fair that rolls through town every now and again, and somehow it has become a favorite outing for Natalie and I (she goes for the cookie booth!). So I was so happy when I saw it was in town on her birthday weekend. We took Grandma Lorraine and had such a nice time browsing through all the stuff. I had given Natalie a five dollar bill that she was allowed to spend on whatever she wanted, but we just weren't finding anything good. And then we saw these tutus! Love at first sight. So all three of us pitched in and splurged on a fluffy pink tutu for Princess Natalie. She was dancing around as soon as we tried it on her, she absolutely loves it! And so do I!


Danielle said...

i love the tutu. how fun and girly!

Mrs. L said...

The tutu photos are cute but I love the one of Natalie with the boots!

Shannon said...

Just a sad little cowgirl! I love that picture too! And hse does feel like such a princess in that tutu!