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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Here comes the rain again...

...and I have to say I love it! Even though I was dreading being trapped inside, it was only because my kids seem to get so restless, BUT hurrah! They woke up asking to stay home today! And there is nothing I like better than being inside a warm, cozy home with the sound of the rain on my windows (now I just need a good book!). It makes me feel safe, and the sporadic rumbles of thunder and flashes of lightening make it that much better! I am getting my little bit of Oregon just like I wanted! I think I feel a pancake lunch coming on!

P.S. For all my family, don't worry about the tornado warnings, we are fine here, just a bit of rain.


SarahK said...

If you can find The Other Boleyn Girl By Philippa Gregory...its an AWESOME book! I am in the middle of it.
And tornado warnings, huh? I guess I should turn on my tv...I never hear anything like that b/c everything we watch is DVR'd.
Enjoy your pancakes!

Jenny said...

Okay, I was going to say 'Cold Sassy Tree' but now I guess I have to try The Other Boleyn Girl! I love the rain, too. We like sitting in the den with the lights off and the window open.

Shannon said...

Yay! Thanks ladies for 2 good books to try out...Do either of you have copies...LOLOL!