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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Eatin' Out

So, I normally take the kids out to eat somewhere for lunch every Thursday after we pick up Natalie from school, be it McDonald's to take home or to the park, or Panda Express. This Thursday though I was planning on my Step mom being here so I decided I would take the kids out on one more special lunch before more grandparents arrived (they are still coming, just in 2 weeks instead of this week). So anywho, we splurged and went to where else? On the Border! It was such a nice day so I wanted to take them somewhere we could sit outside. We sat kind of outside on their patio. It was very nice. The kids dug right in to the chips. Natalie surprised me and ordered a taco, she wanted rice. She ate all of it in the course of the day! She loved that rice.
Brady was playing "CHEESE"! At first he was posing for the camera, and then he was using his quesadilla AS a camera. A little side note of bragging, both other tables of people that were out there complimented my kids for being so well behaved! I love that, makes me feel like I have done something right! (I really don't deserve such good kids, as I have heard I was quite the stinker!)
The birds were flying/walking all around in there. Natalie was getting pretty freaked out, but it was funny. This is the best picture I could get, can you see him hiding behind the table legs?
Overall a very pleasant dining experience! I love going out to eat with the kiddos!


Anonymous said...

Must be nice to have kids that actually eat what you give them.

Kelli said...

Mmmmm, On the Border...

Anonymous said...

You had your moments, my dear. But, on several occasions I was also complimented on how well behaved you and Sarah were when we were out together. Usually by some cute, single waitress, of course! Love. Dad