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Monday, March 17, 2008

Blahdy blahdy blah

Ick. I was so excited for Natalie to have a week off from preschool this week...why?? We are so bored and it's only Monday! We didn't go out today for fear of getting caught in the "rain" that was supposed to happen today, and tomorrow the forecast predicts more of the same! The one thing that drives me nuts is being holed up in the house all day, and for some reason this town doesn't have any fun indoor things to do with kids, and I don't really feel like driving forever just to make my way through some strange big city to go somewhere that could potentially suck, and cost too much money. These are the days when I wish I was in beautiful Oregon. On a day like this we could go to OMSI (here): the funnest place ever (we went to the Fort Worth museum thinking it would be a bit like OMSI, nothing compares), the Portland Children's Museum (here): can you say awesome childhood memories??, the beach which is a little far, 2 hours, but so worth the trip, and such a good way to kill a day (here, here, or here) or even visit any number of different family members (can you say COUSINS!!! [here]) and plenty of other places, but those are the ones that were in my dreams today! Ahh, I need ideas! What to do on a gloomy day to keep these kiddos entertained? We just can't hack another trip to Target(or my wallet just can't hack another trip)! And I don't feel like driving a million miles just to go to another indoor playground thingy (why doesn't this city have one of it's own I ask you?? WHY??). So, anyone want to play?


Heaton Family said...

Hey Shannon-
Have you tried going to www.gocitykids.com? If you put in your city, and then select indoor in the activity finder box and go from there, they give you a list of things happening in your area. I use this site a lot to find things to do with Madyson. Let me know if it helps!

Kelli said...

I'll call you Thursday or Friday for a get-together. I'm enjoying my mommy/boys time.

Shannon said...

Thursday you should come to the potluck! We will actually be able to go this week so I am excited!

Danielle said...

the kids are getting old enough that crafts can be fun, glue sticks, stickers, and safety scissors always entertain Jake. did you see Jon & Kate Plus 8--edible play-doh, YUM! a special trip to the video store, the library, especially during story time. i don't know how far away your church building is, but we have keys to ours and we take Jake and Cole and let them run around in the gym, shooting baskets, playing soccer until they are so worn out that they are ready to go home, sometimes we even meet up with friends for that.

i guess the grass is always greener, because although i grew up in Oregon, I detest the weather, and crave nothing more than warm weather and a beach.

Shannon said...

Hehehe, I think the grass probably IS greener, b/c we are getting rained on here and I know that it will end in a day here, but in the good old OR it lasts for-e-ver! And yes! Crafts is a great time killer, I just always forget about them, so thank you! (and yeah, that play doh looked good! I just need to get some powdered milk! What a fun thing to have as an activity in your food storage kit!)