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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Growing up!

My Natalie is growing up so fast! The other night she came to us and said "Oh! My tooth is loose!" and sure enough it was AND the new tooth was starting to come in. Today at lunch her tooth popped out! Of course we can owe it to the constant wiggling Nat has been doing. She was working that thing good!

The other day she asked me to braid her hair so that it could be curly so that she could be Hannah Montana at school. I obliged and the results were so cute and puffy. Her hair look crazy at first but as it tamed it was adorable! I love my growing girl. She seriously brings so much joy and light into our family!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I really do want to keep writing on this dang blog. I just can't give it up, but for some reason it's been so hard to find the time to sit and yak about my days. I guess because right now they are all semi-similar. Though I know little things happen each day that are special and different, it's hard to put those things down on paper.

Like Natalie wanting to be Hannah Montana for school so we braided the heck out of her hair last night and sent her to school with the cutest crimpy mane. She was adorable, and it made me love her that much more and also see that she is growing up so big!

And Brady laughing at himself so hard that he couldn't stop and then all of us were laughing and watching this laughing maniac stand there and grin and giggle and just be merry. He is the happiest kid sometimes, the rest of the time he is a ball full of screaming. In any case I just can't seem to get enough of him, and he knows it. He has become completely aware of my love affair with his little piggies and thighs, and I probably need to hide it better before I scar him for life!

And me being addicted, I mean ADDICTED to garaging and thrifting. I can't stop going and looking, even if I don't get anything, I still love the hunt! Though my stash of 50 cent onesies is growing exponentially and not a baby in site! Though I am quite prepared for any unexpected showers I need to attend. Well, in theory I can gift them, I don't know if I will be able to let them go since they are all stripey, and I am a sucker for all things stripey on little chubby babies!

Oh, and I get headaches probably 4 times a week. They start behind my left eye, work down to the base of my head and neck then down into my stomach and make me nauseous. It's loads of fun. On the nights I don't get the headaches the kids and I have been going straight out to play after getting Natalie from school. Some nights we don't even make it inside until Daddy comes home. Those are the best afternoons. Relaxing and fun and QUIET. I do love reading outside. I am currently reading Wicked, and I kinda like it! It was strange at first, but it's much better now.

Hmmmm...what other randomness can I write about? Keith is getting geared up for a quick little visit from his cousin, Lincoln, whom I have never met, but am very excited to finally meet! He and Keith were best friends as children and still talk pretty regularly on the phone. Keith also gets to go to his brother, Ryan's, graduation in December. Which means he gets to go to Oregon and we have to stay here. Bleh. If only we had a teleportation machine, and it was free.

Oh, I am excited for Christmas. Maybe I can start posting about my decorations or something. I am itching to get them out! As it is I am trying my hand at "decorating" for Fall. The house looks a bit more fall-like and it is fun to have a home to spruce up rather than an apartment.

All in all life is swell. We are happy and rolling along at a (too)brisk pace. Thanksgiving is coming and the menu is being ironed out. I have decided to make an army's worth of food for the four of us. We would love to have guests, but I don't think anyone is available! Nothing like the holidays to make you miss your family!

Wow, this got really long, really fast. Oh well! How's that for an update! Next on my list is to prettify my blog. The header is really bugging me, but I haven't gotten around to putting photoshop on the new computer. Anywho, yeah. If you made it through all that Kudos to you!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First days of the new schools

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekend Roundup

So, I didn't take a SINGLE picture this weekend. I know, it's a tragedy! But, I will plop those kids into their costumes (Brady was a Jedi, and Natalie was Cinderella) tomorrow and take some pictures. In 15 years no one will know they weren't taken ON Halloween!

We had a rather mellow holiday weekend. Thursday night was Natalie's school trunk or treat. It was nice to go and support her school and she got to see her friends and teachers, and it was just some good SHORT trick or treating fun. Nothing grand, but not horrible either.

Friday Natalie had her assessment at the new school. Basically we went in, the Kinder teacher came and took her back to the classroom and while Brady and I waited she had Natalie take some of the tests and things they had done that day in her class. Natalie passed them all, only missing a few of the phonics questions which are things she has never even heard of. So, way to go Nat! She is all approved to go there, and we are just finalizing the last details and she will start some time this week. THANK GOODNESS they had some uniform pieces that had been donated by another family and the secretary gave them to me for FREE. Woot! That saved me 100 bucks! So all I need for Nat are a few shirts and one more pair of pants. Not bad, very doable.

Friday night we crashed our old wards Trunk or Treat. A friend from our current ward was there and said she was there with her family, what was my excuse. I realized that since we have no "family" those friends that we made in 1st ward ARE our family. Keith and I are pretty outgoing once you get to know us, but it takes awhile, and four years in the same place can really make you feel like you are home. I do so love that ward!

Saturday started just like every other weekend. Garaging. Haha, I am so addicted I can't miss a week. BUT, this week I made a believer out of Keith. We got a 200 dollar child sized computer desk from Wild Zoo for 5 dollars. FIVE. DOLLARS. I couldn't believe it. SUCH a steal, and the desk is awesome. The kids love it. It is the perfect place for Brady to do playdoh and paints and such while I am sewing. Before he had to work at the kitchen table which meant that I was in the kitchen with him and not accomplishing anything. So it's a win win! Yay for steals. I also got some vintage sheets to add to my growing collection.

The rest of Saturday was spent all together as a family. After lunch we dumped out all of the candy the kids had so far collected on a towel in the living room and we all went to town. They had previously picked out a few favorite pieces and those I saved for later in the week. The kids ate until they were full, we ate SO MUCH, and the rest we threw out. It was actually kind of liberating to throw out all the candy that otherwise I would have been munching on all month long. The kids were kind of sniffly so we decided to nix traditional trick or treating, which I kind of regret now, but it ended up being a nice slow evening. Natalie made us all crowns, Brady played letter tiles and puzzles, Keith had a football game on, and I sewed (shocker, right?). I love evenings like that, where we are all together, but kind of doing our own thing. Very nice.

I am glad the weekend is over. This week will prove to be a crazy one I am sure. Nat starts her new school sometime this week, I think Wednesday. Brady is starting preschool on Tuesday, and just other general errands that I have been putting off. I can't wait to get started!