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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thoughts from today

1. Brady is killing me walking around holding his briefcase (aka a board book with a handle) and declaring that he is off to work, and school, and work, and back to school.

2. TJ Maxx is the best store EVER. Seriously. Well it is a close contender with Tuesday Morning. I spend WAY WAY too much time and probably money there, at least everything is 50% or way, way more off! I found the best deals there today on a few Christmas things and some super cute baby things.

3. I love being almost done with Christmas shopping! Woot!

4. Shopping for baby things makes you want a baby. That's a fact.

5. I shop too much. But at least I shop bargains!

6. Playing Lego's just Mommy and Brady is some great memories in the making. I am loving the one on one time Brady and I get to have while Natalie is in school. And the house is much quieter with out the sounds of light bickering.

6. Naps are good. Naps with your 4 year old teenager snuggled up against your back are heavenly.

7. Just knowing that I don't have to work tomorrow, makes me feel light and happy!

Monday, September 29, 2008

I *almost* forgot!

So You Think You Can Dance tour in 11 days! Woo hoo! I can officially be excited because I got work covered! I feel like a little kid! I have never, ever gone to anything like this before and it is going to be so fun!

And just for old times sake.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A first

Natalie got to participate in her first Primary program at church. (Primary is what they call the children's classes). So during Sacrament, the main meeting, all the primary kids sat in the first four pews, AWAY from the parents. I have to say I was a bit nervous about that! But I gave her a quick drink of water and sent her off with a handful of animal crackers and she seemed good to go. I was really proud of her, other than a major case of ants in her pants, she did well! She didn't run around or anything and she did good with all the standing up and sitting down that they had the little kids doing. And the best part? She was the only one in her class that had her line down! She needed no prompting and we were so proud! She got up there and said "We wanted to be in a family." Clear as a bell! And I have to say I was proud of myself for not crying! She is getting so big, and I kinda hate it to tell you the truth!

Year of Sundays: week 4

Our new favorite meal! Potatoes, bell peppers, onions, and some sort of sausage all cooked together. We make a ton, and then we get to eat it over the next 2 days! yummers!
Natalie's first (and hopefully ONLY) mugshot. She had a rough night.
Brady was WILD today after only having a catnap in the car on the way home from church. He was bouncing off the walls. Toy Story 2 settled him right down.

The obligatory with flash photo, since the energy efficient light bulbs we have give off a seriously yellow light. Very flattering to the skin in person, not so great for photos.
Not that great of pictures today because I am working tonight, but I didn't want to miss a week!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Because I am one of the most indecisive people you will ever meet, I am taking a cue from Pioneer Woman and I am asking my readers (you know you are out there!) to help me decide on which sidebar "tag" to use. I know which one I like best, well there are a couple that are my favorite, but I want YOUR opinions! Best part? It is totally anonymous! So vote away on my little poll there on the left! Please! Even if you never comment, please take a second to vote for your favorite of my little tags! My brain will thank you!

P.S. Maybe the majority choice will make it, but if I don't like it maybe not, that is the fun of asking for advice, you don't have to take it...LOLOL...but PLEASE be honest! Thanks all!

P.P.S. and one more thing, you are voting on the design style, the font and color of the font can be changed...so which of them do you like the bestest disregarding the actual words on them!

P.P.P.S. Just in case you can't see them, because they are pretty dang tiny, here they are in full detail! (and um, you have to say that di-tail, not dee-tail, just because...yeah, I feel silly, so just go along with it..OK? OK.)

The movie dilemma

Is it bad that my kids now ask to watch Star Wars? I mean, it IS a classic, but it is also violent and crazy and kinda weird! But both kids love it...I even succumbed and bought Brady an old school style Star Wars shirt from the great Target, he did ask me so sweetly! What do you think? How young is TOO young for movies like this? Now also take into consideration I don't let them watch it alone, Keith is always right there to explain things, or make them shut their eyes if need be.

Oh, and the funny thing is, Natalie picked out this Justice League cartoon from the library, and after letting her watch it once, Keith put the nix on watching it anymore, because he thought it was too old! Which, it really was, the violence in that show was on a whole separate level, but still...did she like it because she has seen other stuff like Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean? I mean, she literally cried when we said she wasn't allowed to see it again, she liked it that much!

I mean I remember watching Dirty Dancing as a child, and I just loved the DANCING, then I watched it when I was older and I have to say I was SHOCKED at how...raunchy it was! I mean RAUNCHY! But, I was completely unaware of all of that when I was a kid. But now as a parent, I don't want my kids watching things that are too old for their innocent minds!

So, what do you do, fellow parents? How do you judge what your little kids can watch? I myself am leaning towards the theory of they already grow up so fast, so why push it? But then, I have no qualms about letting them watch The Incredibles or Mulan or really ANY of the Princess movies! Um...I am kind of answering my own question in these crazy ramblings...there is no getting around violence in movies and TV, it just depends on the TYPE of violence (I feel like the unseen death of a bad guy is not nearly as bad as seeing say, a head being blown to smithereens). I think the important part is to make sure they see the lesson. That good triumphs over evil!

Messing around *updated*

As I am wasting time trying to redo my blog, I wanted to play with my Photoshop Elements 6, and look what I did! I don't know if it is the right way or not, and the color on the shoes is a bit bright, but I kinda like it!

Ok, I was challenged to figure out the eyes! And I found one tutorial for JUST the eyes here (thanks PW!), but it didn't work for this picture. So I found another tutorial here, and I LOVE it, I may just use it on everything...too bad I don't like to edit my photos before posting to my blog, but maybe this will help me! At least on my year of Sundays! What do you think?


Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm thinking no...

...unless someone wants to get us the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!
Check it out here.

One step closer

Hurrah! I found the kit I am going to use for my blog. It has all my colors I love, love, love! And the stars and stripes and polka dots and a bit of fancy mixed in with it all! Oh how I love this kit! I would decorate my whole house with it if I could! Now I have to get to work!

Oh yeah...

*Warning: this post has nothing to do with my kids or my husband...just boring bloggy stuff*

So you all know how I love Sue (still SOOO funny) and a while back she started up this "Mormon Mommy Blogs" page. A place for all of us bloggers to come together and have our blogs seen and read by other Mormon Mommies (you don't actually have to be Mormon OR a Mommy, I don't think, to have your blog on the blog roll there). Anywho, I finally submitted my blog to the blog roll, and voila! After adding my spiffy new button (on the left) that takes me straight to the site, I am now officially on the blog roll...under "Saucy Moms"...how hilarious is that? I have never, ever thought of myself as saucy before....I might have to turn up the heat to live up to those expectations!...no, I am just kidding, I am going to keep on blogging about my life, and my kids, and occasionally my husband!

I just thought I would let ya'll know, and if you have a blog, you should enter too! At least your scrappy blogs, because they have a section for scrapbooking moms but no blogs there yet, and they asked if I wanted mine in that section, and I don' really want to be the only blog there...so yeah, give into peer pressure and check it out, then add your blog! hehehe...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


...my blog is making me SO irritated. I just want to change the header ALL THE TIME, because I am staring at the dang thing so much! At first I was going to change it every month, but then I started wanting to change it before the month was up! So then I was all set to change it up for the change of the season, and then I got sick of the header I made! And after helping Ashley make hers and seeing how wonderful Kelli's turned out (I think the need for change is in the air) it has inspired me to really find something that says "Shannon" at least to me.

Only problem is, I don't know what ME is! I know what my favorite colors are, I know what things I love and hold dear to my heart, I know what things make me happy, but how do I get that all on my blog, and why do I even NEED to get that all on my blog? Because this is the first time in FOREVER I have had something like this that has lasted this long! And it is all mine! I love blogging, it is my outlet and my journal and my place to connect with friends. And all those blogs in my sidebar...I read them all! (and that is why I am looking at my blog so dang much, it is my starting point for my daily Internet dose!)

So anywho, it may be a bit nekkid over her for awhile, hopefully not TOO long, maybe some of you won't see it nekkid at all! But I am on a mission...I want to squash my need to change this bad boy ALL THE TIME, and get a look that I can stick with...for at least a month!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I am just loving...

...this nice fall weather! Almost reminds me of home.

...that I can take the kids to the park and not sweat to death!

...getting shown a stinkin awesome new park by Jenny, who surely knows her way around town, having lived her for forever! Thanks Jenny for the new favorite!

...all my new quality time I get to spend with Brady. Playing, reading, lounging, watching cartoons, shopping, just being TOGETHER. I miss Natalie dearly when she isn't with us, but Brady needs this alone time to be able to be himself, and not the Brady that is having to defend himself against the sometimes bossy big sister!

...that Keith said I could enroll Natalie in dance class. I think she is SO ready for it, she needs another outlet for her energy and brainwaves. She is getting bored being trapped in the apartment and it is starting to show. I can't wait for dance, I have been waiting for this moment since I knew I was having a girl!

...that Keith and I are finally finding a groove with his new school schedule and my new work schedule. Meal times are smoother, bed time is getting there, and there is just generally LESS fighting and stress. Who doesn't love that??

...that Keith took his GRADUATION pictures today! Woot! Though this means I need to start thinking about announcements and a possible party. I can't believe it! We are almost done...December 12th is the big day!

...taking a stroll down memory lane and checking out my old pictures! Where has the time gone?

Natalie is younger than Brady is now in this picture, that is just WILD to me!
Oh, this picture cracks me up! She put it on, and did the face ON HER OWN! That is the best part!
2 years ago! Can you believe it?? (look at that head!!)
Little Princess! A bit older than Brady now, wow!

Monday, September 22, 2008

So I don't forget...

I CAN do it all by myself! I kinda skipped over blogging about it, but Keith had the opportunity to go camping with the scouts on Friday night. I will openly admit I was less than thrilled. It is my week "off" and we really only get one day every 2 weeks that we have time during the DAY to do something as a family, so I was pretty upset that we were going to have to wait 2 more weeks for another free Saturday to come along. I think I was also scared about caring for the kids all day, night and another day, all alone. But you know what? I did it! Friday we went to the zoo, then came home and napped, had a quickie dinner with Dad and then headed out to a super great birthday party. We stayed really late, like.. 10:00 late (thanks Stacie for letting us invade your home!!) and had I a fun time talking with the kids about the party on the way home. Little did they know I was keeping them awake so that they would actually go to bed when we got back! Anywho, we got home, took baths, read stories and they went to sleep! It might have helped that I let them both sleep in my room...I'm not big on the kids being on the other side of the apartment (you know, because it is SOOO huge, LOL) without Keith being there, just in case. Well, once the hard part was over the rest of the time alone was fine. I stayed up late cleaning, then Saturday we just played around the house and enjoyed one another.

Over all I had a good time with the kids (absolutely no screaming! woot!) and Keith had a great time at the camp out. He came back telling funny stories about the scouts, and tales of all the fish he caught! I think I am learning, slowly, not to doubt myself! Of course I can take care of these kids on my own, I am their Mommy. I just find it is so easy to depend on Keith when he is here, and now I know that I don't need to do so!

Happy Autumn!

Yay for the "end" of Summer! I love the Fall season and everything that comes with it! I love the way life speeds up and slows down all at the same time. I love the changing of the leaves and the crisp morning breezes. I love the smell of wood burning fireplaces and apple cider. I love seeing pumpkins for sale at the store. I love cozying up in a blanket with a good book! I am so excited for this change, the summer was long and tiring for me, and I am looking forward to a simple, yet fun fall season!

And please ignore my blog decor, I really was so excited to change it up for this fall equinox, but the fall header I made to upload tonight drives me crazy the more I look at it, so this is it until inspiration hits.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A year of Sundays: week 3

The kids were felling kinda gross this morning (we blame the excursion to Chuck E. Cheese last night) so we nixed church. So we hung around the house. The kids finally sat down to play in my nice clean living room. (I stayed up on Friday night when Keith was camping and I totally CLEANED this apartment!) More messing with the lighting too. Remember that was part of the plan, so some pictures are gonna stink! But I want to learn to work with my crummy lighting!

Spotless Kids room!
I stayed up till 12:30 organizing those bins on the left! They were terribly mixed up!
My pile of things "to do" tonight. Book orders and a grocery list for some early, early morning shopping tomorrow.
I succumbed to the flash...sigh. Brady said, "My peas is good for my baw-dy." I love his sweet baby voice. Oh, and that wall o' tide in the background? Yeah, that was Jason's "thank you" for letting him stay here. That kid seriously spoils us! Thanks Jason!
As I walked away, I said you guys are adorable. Natalie raised her hand and asked, "I'm adorable?" Hehe, yes you.
I really love Sundays. They are calm and relatively peaceful and you just get to spend the day with family whether at church or resting and recouping at home.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Trip to the zoo!

Well, the weather has cooled off, and seeing as we live in Texas you never know how long it will last, so I thought we should hit up the zoo while it was nice! I sent out a rallying email, and we gathered up some friends and headed to the zoo! Kelli was nice enough to let us take her van, and by nice I mean AWESOME! And Ewan got to tag along with us! Natalie was so excited to have her friends there together with her! It was a beautiful day, and the weather though not cool, was very pleasant. I didn't take tons of pics, because I still have so many from out other trip that I have to scrap, plus I was just lazy! But here are the best ones I got, and Sarah posted more on her blog here.

The kids were LOVING the van! Here is Brady with his new do. He looks sharp!
The three big kids were having so much fun back there! Natalie wants a van so bad, and she has been asking forever for one, now she wants one even more! Perfectly timed picture! Love that smile!
Princess Aubree with her snack. The first stop is always the flamingos. Which Natalie told me was her favorite animal. If only she was smiling at me, this picture would be perfect. I love the light in her hair. I just think she is so beautiful! Pit stop! Time out for potty and snackage!
Oh my cuteness! They did this off and on the whole trip. Natalie is kind of a player, hehe, because the other day I was informed that another boy at our church said she was his girlfriend. Too cute! Attempted group shot!Brady mid silly face. I am so in love with this quiet little boy. He was such a trooper the whole time, being stuck in the stroller. He was so good on the train, he LOVES that train! *sigh* I pretty much love this picture.Well, I had a blast, and so did the kids! I was so glad that Sarah and Jenny both came and brought their kiddoes. We need to get to the zoo more often, there is so much too see and not nearly enough time to see it all!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Brady and I really enjoy the time that we get twice a week to spend just the two of us. I try and make each day count by cramming in lots of fun and different activities, things that he can remember well enough to tell Dad at the end of the day. Today was sure jam packed!

Right after dropping off Nat we headed over to Kelli's to play with the boys and chat for a bit. It was nice to catch up, and I think Brady had fun watching Ewan and playing with Fynn. After that we headed over to Michael's to get more ribbon for the barrettes, and I picked up some little tags so that I can get started on making some little books for Natalie, and everything Martha Stewart was 30% off so I got two packs so I can make some for gifts! Natalie is really in to making stories and drawings, so I think she will love these!

After Michaels it was off to the Disney store in search of the perfect Buzz Lightyear. Unfortunately the one they had was too big for Brady's liking, so it looks like I am going to be hitting up the eBay. Great. But we did get some super cute shirts for only 5$ each (a Tinkerbell and Lightening McQueen)! And the best find? We got these little bags STUFFED with plastic gems and pirate gold! Normally $4.50, but they are clearancing them out at a dollar a bag! So, um, I got four! The treasures are SO cool though! The doubloons look just like the ones from Pirates and they aren't all cheapy and flimsy, they are really nice! I think I may just have to drag myself back to the mall, just to get more! Oh! And I almost forgot, we pre-ordered the Tinkerbell Movie! Woot! We have been waiting and waiting and WAITING for this movie to come out! And when you pre-order it at the Disney store you get a free Tinkerbell necklace, well that sealed the deal for me right there! We are so excited, and we will get it October 28th.

Anywho, back to me and Brady! So after the relatively unsuccessful trip to the mall we still had an hour and a half to kill. So I took Brady to get a hair cut! He loves where we go, I take him to Sports Clips and he always does so well. His hair turned out really cute (and I would post a pic, but he is sleeping) and he was very excited about getting a cut. Every time we drive down there he asks if he can get a haircut today. Well, today was the day! After that I checked my phone and we still had forever until we had to get Natalie! So to top off a great morning we snuck into Corner Bakery Cafe, which I have never tried before, and we had a little breakfast snack of a banana muffin and a cinnamon roll. Oh man so yummy! I can't wait to take the whole family there for a meal, I want to try those sandwiches! Just for journaling purposes I have to note that Brady was SO well behaved! He sat in the "big boy chair" and used the "big boy fork" and ate his muffin and drank his milk like a champ! I was so proud of him, and you could tell he was proud of himself too, for being such a big boy! So that finally burned through our 4 hours and we headed to get Natalie. It was SUCH a nice morning! I love when I am able to enjoy my kids without any fighting or drama or meltdowns. That is why I have to record days like this, so when times get rough I remember the good days!

All the gems! Brady is sleeping with the pirate "monies".
Natalie modeling her new shirt and FREE necklace.

This is EXACTLY how I would have played with these things when I was a kid! I love little bits and small toys to play with and Natalie does too!

We have a Stowaway!

Here we are eating dinner and we hear a knock on the door....it's Uncle Jason! Here safely from Houston. He can't stay there because there is no power, and we have just been waiting for him to show up! I don't have to say how stinking excited these kiddos were! And luckily tonight is the last night of my shift! So YAY for unexpected, but welcome, family visits!

Crazy Crafting Fool!

So the last few days I have opted to skip my mandatory naps in favor of getting some of my projects done. Now that is no small feat considering I also worked the last 2 nights! I totally patted myself on the back for my will power in resisting the sweet softness of my bed...though I did succumb today...anywho. Now where was I? Oh yes, the crafting! I am so happy with how my stuff is looking, and I haven't completed so many things in such a long time that it is really making me feel good! I love to be productive, I truly do!

So here's what I have been making:

Barrette holders.Here is Natalie's in action. Isn't this a cute idea? I totally got the idea from somewhere else and made it my own! Why pay for something when you can make it for way cheaper? And barrettes! I love, love, love the colors of ribbon that Sarah and I found for these!
I still need to make more of the orange ones. I only have one so far, and I just LOVE the green and teal stripe one, it has sparkle stripes too, so pretty!
Um, and yeah I realize this whole post is "look what I did!!", but I guess it is my blog, so I am allowed a little horn tooting every now and then! ;)

P.S. You will find out what all this stuff is for later, I am not sure if it is a surprise or not!