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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Breaking News!

It's officially official!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Wearing Thin

Alrighty. So we haven't had AC for going on a week now. Luckily the weather cooled WAY down, so we haven't been aching for it as bad as we were last week when the hot weather first hit us. But, come ON! We first let our landlord know last Wednesday, and he called around and was going to have a guy come and take a look at it on Thursday morning, so we canceled a play date and stayed home waiting. And around lunch time we got a call that he would be coming Friday instead, around 1 (so right around my nap time, yay!). So there went our Friday, thank goodness he actually came, and the guy decided that it was squirrels that had eaten through the wires. I guess what was happening was that our inside AC machine thingy was running, but it wasn't getting the signal to the big AC machine thingy outside, so no cold air was being created to get pumped back inside.

Anywho, after this assessment, he said, well I am too big to get up in the crawl space so I have to leave and then go get someone else to come back with me. And he left, and never came back. Apparently the company that our landlord has a contract with doesn't cover creature made damage. Greeeat. So he had to call someone else and they said, well we can take a look, but it won't be until Monday. So we lasted through the weekend without AC, which wasn't bad come Sunday, but my oh my, we had our sweaty times!

Well, this morning we got a call that he would be coming between 1 and 4 today. Which is our prime nap time. So another day without a nap (I work this week, and a nap for me is pretty much a must when I work). Well, we rushed through the morning, and I got the kids down for naps right on time so I could lay down and maybe catch 45 minutes of sleep. Then the phone rings at 2:30 and it's our landlord saying that the company was busy and so he will be coming tomorrow between 1 and 4. Yet ANOTHER missed full nap! Arg! It didn't help that today when I was awoken (woken??) by the phone I found Natalie AND Brady both still up. Brady needed a clean diaper, and then still never went to sleep (yay for early bedtime!). Natalie only naps on Mondays due to dance class, but instead she decided to play in her room. So that means I had to keep her home from dance, I hated doing that, but she has to learn I guess! Plus she is a beast after class if she doesn't nap.

Anywho, she went down for a nice little nap, and while Brady played I was able to get some crafting time, since there was no way I was going to be able to fall back asleep. I guess there is a silver lining to every cloud! I may not be saying that after tomorrow, only time will tell!

The House: In Pictures

Alrighty, get your scrolling fingers ready! Here is the best walk through I could do of the house. Lots and lots of pictures.

This driveway has been very nice to have, the kids have plenty of room to play without being in the street. One of the first things Natalie and I bought during our girls weekend was the flag. I was so excited to have a flag! I asked the landlord if I could tear out all the "monkey grass" (as he calls it) from the flowerbed under the tree, and he said, of course! I can do whatever I want! I can't wait to get started on it and plant some flowers there. I just hope that by the time I have the money and time to do it, it isn't too far into the summer.
Our garage has this little landing before the back door, and I love it! It makes it so much easier on us all taking off our shoes!
Plus, look at all that storage, it's a thing of beauty!
Into the house.
The teal (twilight) washer. So pretty, and it works really well too! And it's ours!
We were afraid the kitchen was going to be a downside, but it has turned out to be just right. I have been cooking and baking a lot more in there, and I don't mind it being more separated from the rest of the house, that just means I can turn on my radio and sing along and I am not bugging anyone else.
The dining area is very small. I don't think we could get a bigger table in there if we wanted to! Maybe if we did some bench seats against the walls...hmm...it sure is fun to dream!
Second computer area. We were actually pretty excited that the computer worked out here, because at first we had no idea where it was going to go! But this works out great. Ignore the mountain of boxes, those are some of the last things that need to get sorted before we are officially done!
The living room, which seems barren, but compared to the tight quarters we had before, I don't mind it!
Front door and entryway. I love having the tile there, makes it much nicer when strange AC repairman have to come in and out and in and out and in and out.... Saves me from having to vacuum!
The bookshelves got filled up pretty fast! And we still have another stack of law books to fit on there somewhere.
The craft area. LOVE having a place specifically for sewing, coloring, even reading. The kids and I use this place every day. And it is nice to not have to clear up all my stuff every time I get a project out! If only we could get that dang rug to quit wrinkling on us.
The fireplace we will actually be able to USE this winter because it is gas. I need to get a wire on the back of that frame and then my mantle will be complete, minus the Easter bunnies of course. Is it bad that I am already getting excited for Christmas? I can't wait to hang stockings! Oh, and the basket hold diapers, which I am thinking will be completely phased out in the next few days!
Down the hall are the bedrooms and the main bath. I love the kids bathroom. That googly eyed shower curtain was a great find a few years ago at Wal Mart. And the shaggy bath mat was a steal at TJ Maxx, cheaper and cuter than anything I could find at Target. (I know, it's shocking!)
Natalie loves her room so much. I know most of that is because the novelty hasn't worn off, but I think if we change it up often she will stay excited about it. Right now she has her kitchen turned to make a little play area in the corner. The kids did that themselves and played restaurant for half a day.
Brady's room is plain in comparison to Natalie's, but boys just don't have as many knick knacks and tiny things! Almost all of his toys are on shelves in the closet or in bins under the bed. It makes for a much easier clean up!
And lastly is our bedroom. The extra space for my office has been probably one of the best things in the layout of this house. In our apartment there was literally no room for me to scoot my chair back, because the bed was RIGHT THERE. Now I can actually maneuver, and it is absolutely wonderful. I have a window to open for fresh air, the TV to keep me company, and work has been a lot more enjoyable. And yes, I know our bed is sad, we need a bed frame very badly! We were bidding on a gorgeous sleigh bed from a corporate apartment that Keith's work was auctioning off all the furniture from, but apparently the head honcho came and outbid all of us and won all the stuff. I had a few choice thoughts about that one. Thanks for getting our hopes up...jerks!Anywho! That is our house, minus the backyard (the grass was too high for a picture, haha) and the hall. We just love it, and I promise not to post anymore pictures! I think I am just still in shock that we finally made it into a house. It still seems so unreal.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Movie Review: 17 Again

Ok, this movie in a nutshell? Zac Efron is pretty, very very pretty. Now if you can get past that, the movie is actually really cute! My friend Julie and I went and saw it on Saturday, and I think we both really liked it. Granted there were times were I kinda got lost because I was a bit distracted by the pretty, but it was not a waste of money. The perfect summertime, easy to watch, just relax and enjoy movie. We laughed, we cringed at the embarrassing parts (oh my, the embarrassing parts), and we ogled. I would definitely recommend seeing this as a perfect girls night out movie. I wouldn't recommend seeing it with your significant other though, he may get annoyed at all the pretty (they kinda wouldn't let you forget it, basically throwing the pretty in our faces!). But really, it's a cute movie, cute story line, only a few mildly inappropriate jokes. So I guess this was my roundabout way of saying, see it if you can! Shoot, I would even go see it again with you. At least I now understand why millions of adolescent girls are swooning over this boy!


The weather has been fantastic the last week or so. (The last two days have been WAY too hot, but that may have been magnified by the fact that our AC is broken. The repair man was busy yesterday, and should hopefully make an appearance today.) Anywho, it has taken me some time to get used to the fact that we can actually go outside during the day. When you are so used to spending your days inside, unless you are going out to run errands (and by errands I mean shop), it gets hard to change your ways. I am a homebody, and there are always lots of things to do in the house, especially now with all the finishing touches on unpacking that I keep putting off.
In an effort to embrace the outdoors, the kids and I headed to the Zoo on Monday. It was the absolute perfect day to go. Not hot, not cold, not a million and a half school kids there to push us around. Wonderous! The only downside was that the zoo train was closed for repairs, and seeing as that is one of the main attractions at the zoo for my kiddos, there was a fair amount of crying. Nothing a good picnic lunch couldn't cure. I think the day was made even better by the fact that I didn't pay a single dime. I love having that membership, it's nice to have something exciting to do, even when we don't have any money!

Mean Mama made them carry their own food around! This didn't make the no train situation any easier. We made it to the car right as Brady decided his legs were done for the day.

It is a struggle to get a picture of these kids for me! They just hate it.One of my favorite parts of the zoo is the main entrance after the ticket booths. There is a bridge and it has flowerbeds that are PACKED with the most beautifully colored flowers. It has gotten me very excited to start a flower bed at our house. That is the next project on our to do list. Let's hope I don't regret it.Other outside things we have been doing are digging in the few bare flower beds we have, watching Daddy mow the lawn, riding our bike (we need to get another one) on the front drive, breaking out the little hibachi grill, and playing chalk. I think the chalk is the most exciting. One of those things you really can't play unless you have cement of your own. I love to let them play chalk!

Since it has been so hot (and since he was running by the store anyways for a much needed Diet Dr. Pepper for me) Keith picked up a hose and a fun sprinkler a few nights ago, and last night they were able to bust it out and have some fun. I was working so the pictures had to be quick and through the glass, but the sounds of laughter from the backyard were wonderful.

Brady was a little less than thrilled. I think the small spurts of water scared him a bit. He was so cute and pathetic standing there though.
Natalie jumped right in. She got soaked and was cracking up the whole time. Oh, the simple joys of childhood. I love her new bathing suit by the way, there are ruffles on her bum! Brady had a bit more fun once Daddy ran him through, but he still wasn't having it. He ended up inside watching Kung Fu Panda (the favorite movie this week) while Daddy and Natalie kept whooping it up outside. There are just not enough words to explain how happy I am that my kids can finally experience some of the normal outside things that kids get to do.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Busy Bee

There is really no excuse as to why I haven't posted in a week, other than I have been trying to live my life more, rather than sit at the computer and write about it. Also, I have been off at work, and that means significantly less computer time, and significantly more family and general laziness time. I love it!

I have been itching to make some banana bread for the last few days, and today was the day. After dropping Nat off at school Brady and I came home and got to work. Well, he rode his bike in the garage, and I got to work. Eventually Brady wandered in and got settled watching a few morning favorites, and during one of the breaks comes in to the kitchen to see "what is smelling so good"? What is it about baked goods? To me they even smell better than they taste! Mmmm! Anyways, it was a good lunch! Warm banana bread and milk.

Apparently I was in the Suzy homemaker mood today because I have been sewing up a storm! Long ago I gave up the hope of finding something reusable for the kids snacks other than plastic containers, and those proved to be too bulky for all of the time and so more often than I wanted we were using plastic baggies for taking snacks with us on the go. I am not sure where this need to have less and less non-recyclable waste has come from, but it has been slowly growing in me, and I have to say, I don't hate it. It started with the grocery bags, and then onto the produce bags (which I honestly LOVE), and then this morning I saw a post on one of the blogs in my reader, The Long Thread, that had a link to a tutorial for reusable, handmade snack bags. Could it be? A solution, that I could MAKE, to my endless searching? It was! I was so excited I wanted to make them as soon as I could. So Brady and I headed out for a few supplies, picked up Nat, and finished up lunch. Then as soon as Brady was sleeping, and Natalie was settled with a piece of paper and scissors (who knew it could be so entertaining to cut up a piece of paper into a million tiny squares?) I sat down and tried my hand at some new snack bags.

They were surprisingly easy to make. I used plain old cotton fabric inside and out, so they aren't really waterproof, but they will be perfect for goldfish and pretzels. Eventually, if the kids seem to like using these, I will make some that are more water resistant for cold things like carrots and apples. It is honestly such a small thing, but it makes me feel better. And the kids loved them too, Natalie can't wait to go somewhere so she can take a snack in the pink one!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

some shtuff

1. I realize I never actually finished the Stay-cation posts. That's because the rest of the 3 days went like this: shop, rest, unpack, eat, rest, play, unpack, shop, eat, unpack, unpack, rest. We had so much fun that weekend. Sadly it wasn't the same for Keith and Brady. They had fun up until they both caught some strange sickness. Keith threw up, Brady was lethargic, we are still not sure what they had.

2. Brady is now on pink bubblegum antibiotic for an ear infection. The first time he has had one, or at least the first time we have ever treated him for one.

3. The house is coming along nicely. I need to take pictures of the rooms, but I want to hang up all of the million pictures that need to go on the walls before I do. All I can say is we are loving living here! The space is just magical. And once we unpack we can venture outside and see about the yard. I found a little flowerbed in the back, that is mostly shady, and I want to do some research about what I can plant there. I would love for the kids to help me with some gardening. I think they would love it! Any tips on what to plant there would be lovely!

4. Keith is settling in to his new job. He is an "independently contracted attorney for an investment company" (his words) in Dallas. Not exactly sure what he does, but they hired him as an attorney for a temporary position. It should last between 6 months to a year, during which he is looking for other things, and also working hard to impress his bosses with the possibility of getting hired on full time after the project is done. At any rate, he gets paid, so that is a plus!

5. Natalie is loving dance. She has taken to it very quickly and looks like she has been doing it all season. Sadly she won't get to be in the recital unless this one other girl who hasn't been back in over a month, stays gone. So here's to hoping she dropped out! LOL!

6. The Cowboys released their 2009 season schedule today. We gotta start saving our pennies (and our nickels, dimes, and twenty dollar bills) because the chances are high that we are going to a game.

7. I want to see the new Zac Efron movie, 17 Again, anyone up for a girls night? I am also going to be taking Natalie to the Hannah Montana movie sometime in the near future. Preferably after the novelty has worn down some so that the theater isn't full of tweens.

8. Anyone watching Harper's Island? It has promise, I am very excited about it. The first episode was good, gruesome enough to be scary, but not too scary that I have to sleep with a light on! What do those of you watching it think so far? If you are not watching it yet, it's not too late!

9. Today Brady went into the bathroom, took off his diaper, and went potty all on his own 2 times. But the kids refuses to wear big boy underwear during the day. What the heck? We did convince him to wear a pull up tomorrow. So maybe he will potty train soon. I won't hold my breath!

10. Lastly, Natalie gets to go to the doctor tomorrow. She hasn't been in far too long, so she is "behind" on her vaccinations. That is not that big of a deal to me, as I don't like how closely they are lumped together, but that does mean that she will be getting a LOT of shots tomorrow, or pokes, as she calls them. There is a good chance someone will be getting that new ponyville toy I have had hidden away in my closet for months, and maybe even some ice cream!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Poor Sweet Baby

Brady started crying this morning that his ear and throat hurt. We knew he was sick when he willingly napped at 10:30. He won't take Tylenol, so this is how he fell asleep tonight. He just wanted to be "holded". We are taking him to the doctor in the morning. It's been a long day, as you can tell by Keith's eyes.

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday morning we had the Taylors and the Saunders over for a brunch potluck and an Easter Egg hunt. We were excited to actually have more than one family over for food and visiting, and not all be crowded into a teensy living room! The food was good, the company was good, and I think the kids had a great time!

Happy Easter

May your day be filled with family, friends and fun!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Photo Shoot

I have been putting it off and off and off, and I finally set up a photo shoot for the kids with Missy. They rock! Remember she did the first ones in May of last year? Well, those first ones stole my heart, and so did these. I should never have worried, even though the kids were freezing, and took a while to cooperate, it all turned out!

Thanks a million Missy!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stay-cation: day 2

One of the main things I wanted to get done while Keith and Brady were gone was to unpack the house and really fix up Brady's room. He lost all the places to store his little bits and toys when we moved due to them now being in Natalie's room so he was in major need of some organizational things to store his toys. I found a few cute baskets at Target, but I really wanted to get up to IKEA. So Friday was IKEA day. After sleeping in, running to the insurance office (they refunded 80 of the 120 that I spent on getting the keys out of the car, I love my insurance office) and to Keith's old office to get his last paycheck (did I mention he got a new job?? More on that later!) we were on our way up to the great big blue store in the sky. I love that store! We found all we went for, even Brady's big boy chair, plus a few more fun things. Like one of these, but pink and half the price, and this for all Brady's small animals. I was pretty proud of myself for resisting this or this and these (aren't those cool?). Not this trip at least. Maybe another time...

After the shopping extravaganza it was back home for naps and a quick dinner. Then out for pedicures! I had a gift certificate from Christmas so I used that, and it was so much fun to take Natalie. Of course, she is probably too young, and I don't want her to get used to getting them, but it is the perfect activity for a girls weekend! I actually let her get her finger nails painted too, and I am glad I did. She looks precious. Though she wont let me take a picture of our piggies together, so this is a pictureless post.

After nails, it was off to Wal Mart to get vitamins, toothpaste, nothing fun. But we did get a redbox...High School Musical 3. She was exhausted by the time we got home so after a quick bath she crashed, and I watched it on my own. Um...LOVED IT, but I am a sucker for Disney. Though now I know why everyone is drooling over Zac Efron...ahem.

Anywho. Friday was a good day. Full of stuff, just going and going! And lots of spoiling going on this weekend, but what can I say? It's not like we do this all the time, like NEVER, and I want to keep busy anyways. Keeps me from missing Keith and Brady.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Stay-cation: day one

This morning at the crack of dawn Natalie and I took Keith and Brady to the airport. One of Keith's best friends is tying the knot and unfortunately we couldn't all afford to go, and there was no way Keith was going to go gallivanting around SC while I was at home with both kids, so we decided Brady would join him. It makes it much easier on me, so I can actually get some unpacking done! And I think they are going to have a terrific time!

I am glad Natalie is here with me. She is such a fun little kid to be around, when she isn't in trouble for being bossy or mean to Brady! After dropping off the guys we picked up some breakfast from Burger King. I LOVE their breakfast stuff, and I am never in the position to get it, so this was a great excuse! Mmm...

While Natalie was at school I ran some errands, and lazed about the house. Much different without my little buddy there with me. I missed him (but I am trying NOT to think about that). I had some seriously good luck at TJ Maxx for a few things we needed for the house. I love that store! I know I have said that a million times before, but dang! I love it! Need to get me a gift? TJ Maxx gift card baby! LOL

After school we unpacked a bit, and then crashed till 5 o'clock! After more unpacking (on my part) and watching Finding Nemo (on her part) we decided we were hungry and made bagel pizzas. She is so fun to cook with, and since she got a gorgeous new apron from Auntie Danielle we had to try it out (we love it, and it fits perfectly!).

It is so tempting to eat out when it is just the 2 of us. But I restrained and we even had a healthy fruit salad for "treat". (Aren't you proud of me Keith? Now we just have to chip away at all the leftovers...)
After dinner we headed to the bathroom, where Mama did some more unpacking and Natalie got to play makeup! She spent moving day at a friends house and they did play makeup and ever since she has been asking me to play. So we broke out some glittery stuff she got for her 4th birthday (I know, I am so mean that she only just now is using it!) and then I dug around my stuff and came up with some blushes, lipsticks, and eye shadows that she could go to town with.
This girl had So. Much. FUN! And she looked adorable!
Cheese! You can't tell but she has so much hot PINK blush on! And the eyeshadow from the glitter kit was like paint, she had globs all over her sweet eyes. We went over technique a bit once she started putting it under her eye too! LOL! I want her to learn early since I never really did.
She said she was ready for a party! Glitterific!

After the makeup extravaganza it was off to the tub to scrub it all off, and in to (Mama's) bed. I was able to get so much done today, lots and LOTS left to do, but it isn't as daunting, and it is nice to have a goal to get most, if not all, of it sorted and unpacked as much as I can before the boys get back. Let's hope this girly weekend stays fun, and no more missing you tears from either of us!

We love you Daddy and Brady!