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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some favorite Christmas moments...

1. Keith heading to the kitchen immediately after presents are done being unwrapped so he can set up his new, beloved, toaster oven. And he thinks I didn't notice all the 1,000 times he mentioned how cool it would be to have one.

2. Natalie singing the Gloria chorus from "Angels we have Heard on High" in the bathtub, at the top of her sweet little lungs.

3. Brady singing, "It's a pillow! It's a pet! It's a pillow pet!" All. day. long.

4. Feeding my family this easy and delicious chicken for our Chinese food feast! yum!

5. Natalie telling me that Santa must really know her, because he sure got her just what she likes! Ha! If only she knew...

6. Getting to be surprised! Keith always has one trick up his sleeve and this year it was a Nintendo DS. I have long had a love with the Nintendo hand held systems, from the time I was in 5th grade and forked out my own money to buy the big gray game boy. Now I have my very PINK one!

7. No fighting between the kids. All. Day. Long. It surely was a Christmas miracle, and I loved every minute of it!

8. Brady's face when he came out to the living room and saw his new Buzz Lightyear bike from Santa. I don't care who you are, getting a bike under the tree for Christmas is pure awesomeness!

9. Being able to share our Christmas with Erin for a second year in a row. It's so nice to have another family member in our home to share the day with. Next year it will be the baby!

10. Speaking of the baby, we also had a little family conference and decided that we are officially going with Wyatt Ezra for our little bean's name. Of course, it may change before he comes, but this just feels right, and for know is what we are sticking with!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holy crap!

1. I am pregnant! PREGNANT! As in, expecting a THIRD baby! Yeah. Wow. (just in case you forgot...)

2. I am married to a lawyer. Which is crazy, because my parents are lawyers. And they are parents, you know, like, old and stuff. How did I get old enough to be married to a lawyer? A real honest to goodness, people-ask-him-for-lawyerly-advice lawyer. Craziness.

3. Speaking of old. I am 28. TWENTY EIGHT. Um, how on Earth did that happen? For reals.

4. I made these:

(with a little help...)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why I...

...thrift! Because today, for less than the cost of one baby sleeper from Target, I got all these cute clothes for our little man. Each one is like new, and all I had to do was dig through a few duds to find some gems! It helps that some of them, already priced low were an additional 50% off. Yay!

Gerber monkey romper (.99), Circo "party in my crib" sleeper ($1.98, the most expensive I will ever pay, but it's cute, and seriously never been worn), Just one Year monkey shirt (.50)

Carter's itty bitty outfit ($1.50, also brand new), Dwell studio onesie (.50)

All that for $5.50! Makes me happy inside. Is that weird?

Monday, December 13, 2010


I was thinking today how awesome it is that life changes so much year to year. So many things have happened, for the good, in our lives this past year. And we are in such a different place now than we were then.

Some of the more noteworthy things to happen between last December and now...

...a slew of new, wonderful girlfriends. Seriously. The women in my life right now constantly amaze me with their realness and sweetness and just plain awesomeness. I have said before that I feel that the Lord knows me, and thus has always blessed me with great friends. Right now is no different. And I feel that I am making more special bonds that will last for ages.

...the baby, of COURSE! Last year I was in that sad, never gonna happen to me stage, and it was awful. How to celebrate anything when all I could think about was the fact that the baby Keith and I had been praying for was not yet supposed to be joining us here on Earth. How happy am I this season knowing that in a few short months my life will, yet again, be turned upside down by the arrival of a new little man!

...Natalie is in first grade. Seriously. FIRST GRADE. She has grown so much since last year. She used to be timid and shy, and still mourning the loss of her first school. Now she is beautiful and brave and sassy as can be. Keith and I will look at each other sometimes and just marvel at the fact that this little lady is OURS. And she is just getting better (albeit sassier) with time! I can't believe that next year she will be in second. That is a big milestone for me. Second grade was a tumultuous year for me, and to have a daughter that same age, an age I remember well, will be noteworthy for sure.

...Brady is...well, Brady. He is so so old, but he wants so badly to stay the baby forever. I have been trying to wean us from each other. That is what you get when it's just the two of us, every day, all day. We are the best of buds, and he knows how to tug my heart strings. On more than one occasion these last few weeks he will start to tear up and say how he never wants to get older, and wants to stay little so he can be with me forever. If only those feelings would never go away. I know though, that I will always be his special Mama, and he will always be my special Buddy. Somethings never change though...the kid still loves his Star Wars and Legos!

...Keith is back in school. Last year I never would have thought that we would be doing this stinking school thing AGAIN. Ugg. I hate it, I really do. I am happy now though, because the semester is over and so all Keith has is work and us! And maybe even some free time to hang with some friends. I will be very grateful in a few years when he is completely done, but I know that sticking it out and getting his LLM will be beneficial to steady career placement and to our well being in the future! Gotta think about college and missions!

... and me! I almost forgot about Bits or Bobbins... oops! I can't believe how good opening that store was for me. It gave me something to do, and really validated the use of one of my "talents". It was good to have so much positive feedback on something that I always question the value of. I did put the store on hold in September and it has been nice, though it's constantly nagging the back of my mind. I have decided to open up the first week of January. that will give me time to take pics of new items, and maybe think about putting some of my fun vintage and thrifted finds in a new special section.

Pretty much life is good. Ups and downs appear of course, but it's never something a good long nap or time out can't fix! I feel so blessed. Oh, and I promise a picture post soon!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


It is finally starting to feel like winter around here. We are constantly bundled in socks, slippers, sweats, and piles and piles of blankets, and we even have the heat on! Ha! We have been living in Texas so long our bodies aren't used to the cold. Sad day.

All this cold weather makes me want to cook WARM things. Though I would prefer to eat a nice hoagie sandwich every night, the family gets sick of it. Enter chili. I have never been a scratch chili maker, we always got the good stuff in the can, or jar and were satisfied with that. I have seen the error of my ways and have now been converted to the ease and yumminess that is crockpot chili. It's different every time, but always good.

I have a batch going right now that is:

1 pkg Jimmy Dean's breakfast sausage, browned well
1 lb. hamburger, browned well
2 cans chili beans, undrained
1 can black beans, drained
1 can kidney beans, drained
1 can tomato sauce
1 pkg of fajita seasonings...I didn't have a pkg of chili seasonings! Yikes! Smells good though, and I think the lime in the fajita stuff will add a little something special.

Throw it all in the crockpot and let simmer all day.

Best part about chili is you can serve it a million ways. We have eaten it over rice with cheese, over Frito's with cheese and sour cream, topped with cheese and a side of cornbread...the list goes on!

How do you like your chili? And do you have a favorite, easy recipe? Please share!

Monday, December 6, 2010

window screen shopping

Of course the first thing I did after we found out my growing bean is a boy, was find some time to do some online window shopping! Keith and I were able to look together one night, and that makes it even better. We found a bedding set we both love, and then I went a bit wild from there. Here are some cute things that are inspiring me for this baby boy!

Here is the bedding we like. It's a little muted on the colors, so I don't know if we will get this, but we both love the idea of the little woodland creatures. Plus of course, it's semi-unisex...just in case! ;)
And I have had these clothing dividers in my favorites on Etsy for ages and ages. They are so clever, and especially adorable! Such a smart way to keep tabs on what you have and what you need!

And I am so in love with these prints from Lee ArtHaus. I love almost every single one, these are just a few of the many I have my eye on. Wouldn't these add such a bright whimsical touch to a nursery? And they are cool enough to grow with him, at least for a little bit!

And maybe a little something something for mama! I love these "chomping necklaces" specially made for teething babies. So cute! I know a few Mamas now that would benefit from these...hmm...very good Christmas ideas. :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

blogging fail and a birthday weekend!

So obviously, posting every day in December isn't happening. Whatever. I have been busy sleeping working hard on keeping the house clean...ish.

Anywho. Yesterday was my birthday. The big 2-8. And I have to say it was probably the best birthday (including today) that I have ever had. Ever.

The day started out with sweet birthday wishes from my kids and Keith, and a surprise present in the form of a mix "tape" made just for me by my honey! He actually listened to me this year! I told him, he didn't have to spend money, just time, and it would be fabulous. I love the CD, and it's nice to know that he hand picked each song for a special reason.

After dropping Natalie off at school and napping with Brady for a bit we headed to the OB for the BIG ultrasound. You know the one. Where we check to make sure the baby is healthy, and the spine is straight, and the palate is formed, oh yeah, and the SEX OF THE BABY! I could barely sleep Thursday night, I was so nervous! After a very thorough US confirming that I am growing a healthy, whole, baby the nurse told us it was time to check. As soon as she put that wand where it was supposed to be and those little legs and tushy popped up, I knew. Ain't no mistaking those "boy parts" (as the tech called them). Anywho, it is a boy! 100%. To be honest I was sad. Really sad. But we were happy about the health, and after a few sad moments and a check with my OB we headed out.

Keith had to go back to work and Brady and I headed over to my friend's house for lunch with a few of my most favorite ladies. Which is where I broke down and cried it out for my hopes of having a girl being dashed. I would have preferred to cry it out at home, in private, but such is life! It was nice though to be surrounded by friends that get it and didn't judge. After crying they proceeded to spoil me by making me lunch and pretty much treating me like a princess. Love you girls! Thanks for a wonderful birthday afternoon!

Then...after all that excitement, Brady and I picked up Natalie, told her the news (she was neutral) and headed home to get changed for dinner out at Red Robin. But not just any dinner out, dinner with friends and spouses and kids. 17 in all, I think? It was a crazy fun time. And that was definitely helped by the fact that all the men sacrificed and squeezed into a corner booth with ALL the kids, sans a few babies. Seriously. And all for me. They rock! Proof that there are great men out there! It was a nice night, with lots of chatting, seriously good food, and just what I needed.

And, since I am making this post the longest one ever I will sum up Saturday morning as fast as I can. Keith let me sleep in, then I headed out for a little Christmas shopping and breakfast, by myself(!!), while he stayed home and cleaned. And not just cleaned, but CLEANED, the bathrooms. I almost fainted with delight. I was also granted a nap, with lunch ready when I woke up, AND he mowed the lawn. I told him he was setting himself up for failure every other year because he truly outdid himself this year. And he didn't have to spend a dime! That is my kind of birthday.

Oh, and this morning I am totally excited about the fact that it's a boy kicking it around in my stomach. I even bought him his first pair of shoes! Now it's time to get ready, only a few more (quick) months till he makes his arrival.

Baby's first photos:
profile shot. button nose!
Looking right at the camera!

 Do you see what I see? Yep! It's a boy! (I like how she wrote "boy parts". Ha!)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My heart is full...

I have decided that December for me is going to be the month that I kick start this bad blog again! My own personal BloPoMo (or blog posting month, if you aren't weird like me who knows that such a thing exists...). Anywho.

Tonight my heart is so full! And what a great way to start off a wonderful, spirit filled month. I hope to do a little something to serve the Lord and his children each day this month. I have been blessed beyond measure in my life, sometimes I wonder to myself, "why me?". Why do I deserve all these blessings? But we all deserve to be blessed! I just need to remember to be grateful and show that gratitude more often and to spread the wealth around with service!

I was able to be surrounded by some wonderful ladies tonight at my church's Relief Society Christmas party. We ate good food, heard good words, and had a rousing game to top it off. It's fun for me to see the Sister's in my ward grow closer together, and it's really fun for me to get to spend time with my awesome friends! I have been blessed with beautiful friends, that love me even if I get snippy or sassy, and they make me smile on a daily basis. Some say that good friends are hard to find, but these ladies fell into my lap and I scooped them up and don't know what I would do without them! Love you girls!

As I was driving home I had to say a little prayer of thanks or I thought my heart would seriously explode. *enter cheese here* I have a husband that is my perfect help meet, puts up with all my crap and my ups and downs, and lets me know when I need to simmer down. He is proof that the Lord loves me, because without Keith...let's face it, I would be a mess. My kids are pretty much made for me. They know how to drive me crazy, but I just can't get enough of them! I love to watch them grow and think and interact with each other. It pretty much doesn't get old, well, unless I am tired and cranky, of course, but even then, when they come in the room I can't help but smile, and I am always up for a cuddle! And don't even get me started on my little bean! (Yes, I am pregnant!!! That is definitely a major factor in my recent disapearance, all free time was spent sleeping the last 3 months, rather than writing) I just can't believe it's finally my turn, AND we get to find out what we are having on Friday! It's hard to contain myself actually, and I am surprised my friends are still talking to me. Ha!

Anywho, I know this post is quite possibly incoherent and downright rambly, but I had to put down all these thoughts before I fall asleep! I guess my point is, that even through struggles and hardships (and I do have those, don't get me wrong) there is always always something to be grateful for! And right now for me it's a beautiful family, blossoming new life, wonderful caring friends, and a Gospel that has helped me to fill my life with love abounding!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

sweet November rain

I have been hit with the Holiday spirit! Seriously, I don't know why it has taken me so long to realize that November is for sure my favorite month ever! All the anticipation of the holidays, but none of the rush. Today was rainy and cold and blustery and thundery and perfect. I drank hot chocolate, read my book, snuggled in bed, and dreamed of holiday crafts to come. I know you are due a catch up post (so many MANY things happened here in the last few months!) but I just had to share some of the fun inspiration that I found surfing the nets.

I can't wait to get started!

I want to make a thankful tree on our kitchen wall (along the lines of this, but more ME). I have so much cute fall-ish paper I can't wait to cut into it!

Something beautiful to hang on our nekkid living room wall like this! (found here) so so pretty! I don't have ANY Thanksgiving decorations, so this might be a great way to start.

And I am definitely gonna hit up the hardware store so I can make one of these lovely banners! (tutorial found here, posted by this lovely lady. Both are some of my favorite blogs these days). Alas it won't let me upload the picture, but follow the link, it's adorable!

What is inspiring you this November? I just LOVE the holidays!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm (almost) back...

...soon! I promise. Very, very soon. Every day I feel like this is a time when I really should be documenting our day to day lives, and I think I will get my rear in gear soon, like tomorrow. So if any of you still read this, stay tuned for greatness...uh, yeah. Or just stay tuned!

Friday, August 13, 2010

free stuff

I swear everyone is in giveaway mode in blog land! I don't often enter them, because they take too much work, but there is one going on over at Natalie's Sentiments that I had to try for! It's for a pair of SANUK vegan shoes. They are so cute, and too pricey for my blood, so I had to give winning a try!

Natalie's Sentiments

Head over here to enter yourself (while you are there check our her blog, it's one of my favorites...no clue how I found her, but I sure love reading it!) and head over to Sanuk to check out the cool shoes. I want to get a pair for Keith if I win!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

stop the presses!!!

I actually digi-scrapped something! It's been MONTHS since I have done anything, but I got the urge this past week when my favorite designer had a huge sale in her shop. (One of the things I bought is still available here and actually the other kit I bought is here!)Spent 8 bucks, got a TON of mini kits and now I am weeding through them to see what I can create.

Here is my first foray back into the world of digital scrapping, I forgot half my shortcuts, and couldn't figure out how to add the drop shadows without doing it a seriously round about way, but at least my desktop is a bit cuter for the rest of the month. I am not wild about it, but it's a start! The kids picture obviously makes it about 300% better!

Grandparents feel free to snag this and make it your desktop too! How can you not love those cheesy grins?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Crafts I want to do...

I spend a lot of my free time perusing the Internets and bookmarking fun craft and gift ideas. Here are a few that I WILL make...one day!

Paper dress banner in a shadow box. How cute is this? I love all the little details, and it is so feminine! Would make a great piece of art in a little girly room!

I WILL make this fabric monogram! I am really into monograms lately, I think they are just so fun and so personal! This one is truly almost TOO easy for a tutorial, but hey! I am just sad I didn't think of it first!

When Mindi comes we are TOTALLY making some of these wet bags! I need to work on my zipper skills...these will be perfect for Min because she does cloth diapers! Plus, any new Mom should really have a bag in her arsenal for all those blow out clothes! No one wants to be stuck with stinky clothes and no where to put them...been there, done that!

and a few more links...because I am too lazy to do the pictures! Ha!

Handmade baby blocks...what a great Christmas/birthday/baby shower gift!

Noodlehead's gathered clutch...a perfect way to practice my zippers!

Sketchbook caddy...with kids that love to draw as much as mine do I am actually ashamed I haven't made these yet. I smell a Christmas present in the works!

Toddler and crib sheets...somebody PLEASE let me make you some custom sheets! The possibilities are endless and I am dying to try this out!

So much to make so little time!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mini bedroom makeover

For the longest time Keith and I have neglected our poor bedroom. We had a white down comforter bought at least 4 years ago on black Friday, mismatched pillow cases and nothing on the big wall above the bed (there is a mostly before pic in this post, but the bed is in a different location). I have been wanting to remedy this for a long time, but short of buying a whole new bedroom set I was stumped, and since a new bedroom set is not in the works for us just yet...I was stuck with what I had! Which was bugging me! So I have been on the constant thrifty hunt for something just right for us, look wise and budget wise.

On a recent trip to Joanns with a friend we spotted these HUGE cardboard letters, and an idea was formed. On that same trip I found the perfect scrapbook paper in all of my favorite decorating colors, and a date was set to get to mod podging...one crafty afternoon later and voila! Some personalized wall art, made by me! I love the sconce things too. I got those AGES ago at wal mart and recently spray painted them cream. Much better than the original black.
Please ignore our teeny tiny pillows...I am too cheap to buy the big King ones, and another reason I never do is because I am holding out hope that we will get a smaller bed sooner rather than later!

The bedding was another great find! $27 for a King comforter, 2 shams and a bed skirt (thank you Ross! Love that store...)! Woo hoo! And I love the color, it's the perfect shade of aqua. We already had brown sheets, and then I used some of my Kohl's cash from school clothes shopping to get a frilly white sham and a super soft brown throw pillow. I would love to have a headboard, and actually I would love to have a queen bed, but for now, I love it! It looks like a real grown up bed, haha, and not so ho hum.

Now if only we didn't have so much clutter in our bedroom....hmmm...I smell another project in the works!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


If you haven't gotten your hands on some of my stuff yet..now is the time! I am sponsoring another giveaway on a fun Etsy loving blog. Etsy it Up!

Head over there to find a discount code and enter for a chance to win $15 to my shop.

Friday, July 23, 2010

picture of a friday night

1. Jack Johnson on Pandora.

2. My Mom's chili egg puff in the oven, and fresh fruit on the table.

3. Missionaries coming over for dinner.

4. Gloomy rain storm outside.

5. Fun new (used) video game for later on.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shtuff to do

Summer is FLYING by for me. I have just finally gotten into the lovely groove of sleeping in, and it's blissful, but it also makes for shorter days. I have been trying really hard to plan fun things for the kids and I to do, but more often than not we stay at home and entertain ourselves. I figure if they are playing nicely making elaborate Lego cities and not fighting, why disturb the (relative) peace just so we can go out somewhere and possibly have crankiness and whining on the agenda. No way. Not gonna happen. Even if I have to break up fights at least 3 times a day, it's still been pretty smooth around here (with the occasional forced morning nap). I think most siblings get sick of each other and need to be split up once in awhile, and mine are no exception!

Anywho, I have a whole list of things I wanted to get done this summer, and though some have been crossed off, many have not! Here are a few fun things I have planned, I would love feedback or ideas from you!

1. Creative Hands paint your own pottery studio. Heck I think this stuff is fun, so I know the kids will love it. And they have a great range of prices on the things to paint. That's a plus.

2. Going to a local pool. Like our favorite Howard Moore. I can't believe I haven't taken them to the pool yet, it's just too hot to really play outside! I am such a wuss when it comes to heat.

3. At home painting projects. One I am most excited for is some small canvases I am going to have the kids paint. I got a few colors that match my "color scheme" and I will let them each create a work of art, then we can display them proudly! I also got a few super cheap, like 50 cent, ceramic figurines that they can paint. I do love that they are old enough to paint paint paint! And to them it's such a treat.

4. Picnic and sprinkler party with friends. Hopefully this week! It won't be so unbearable sitting in the heat while the kids play if I have some Mama's to chat with!

5. A few more trips to the Fort Worth Museum. I still haven't actually taken JUST the kids, we always go with friends! I think I need to take them alone once...I don't know why, just for quality Mama time? Eh, I am probably just being weird on that one.

That's all the big stuff I have lined up this far. What are you doing to make the rest of the summer really great?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

under construction!

I really wanted to change up the look of the blog, but of course it takes up so much time! So it's gonna look a little crazy around here until I can sit back down to fix it...gotta get back to real life for a bit!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I think I need to make this.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

If you're bored...

Head over the Etsy Fort Worth blog and enter this weeks giveaway! Up for grabs is $10 to spend in my friend Julie's shop Coco1981. She has tons of super cute knit and crocheted stuff, seriously something for everyone. Check it out and tell your friends!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to: keep your kids entertained

1. Pull all of the desks and tiny chairs from around the house, remove Mama's desk, and place strategically in the craft area to create a school, filled with coloring books and paper and crayons and markers galore.

2. Be sure to set up an art table complete with paper, glue, scissors and pencils, let them go to town.
3. And the teachers desk (for "learning time").
4. Leave the other half of the front room for sewing and messiness (wow! that is really messy, it's organized chaos I promise) and laundry.
5. Get to work (and play!)

Everyone is happy with this set up and we are all together beating the heat under the fans. Plus it's so fun to see the kids playing school, when I remember loving that game so much as a child!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

what I made

It appears as though this is gonna be a weekly thing for me. It is good, though, because it gets me sewing each week so that I have something to share with you on Wednesdays AND so that I can stay motivated and sewing to boost inventory! I have a HUGE craft fair coming up in September and I want to make sure my shop is stocked!

This first one is the same old stuff I normally make (ruffled bibs and burpies) but I just LOOOOVE this fabric so much that it has become one of my favorite items ever listed! I love the gray (grey?) with the bright floral pattern. So untraditionally girly. I hope this one gets snatched up soon, or I may decide to keep it myself.
This one is another take on my pink ruffled set, but I did the more traditional fluffy ruffles rather than my preferred flat ruffles. I ruffled a tube of fabric though, so that in the wash this one wont fray. Pretty cute, I'd say.
This burpie stands all alone, but I adore this fabric! I have fun finding things that aren't normally thought of for baby use and making them into baby things. It makes it more special than something you can buy at Target or WalMart (though that stuff is very cute too!).

And lastly a handful of onesies that I need to add to the shop this afternoon. The goldfish bowl was such a hit I made another, slightly different version. I tried my hand at a dino, but it's a tad wonky, so it will be cheaper than normal. And my fave top this week, a hand tie dyed onesie. My first time with tie dye and I love it!
Next week I promise to show what I have been creating that is NEW. I get in ruts and have to force myself to step outside what I normally make!

Linking up to my favorite blog parties this week!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A few open letters to those on the road.

To the guy holding the cell phone 4 inches away from his ear,

   I don't care what you are doing, you are doing it wrong. If you are on speaker...you don't have to hold your phone like that, SERIOUSLY. That is what speaker is for! If the person on the other end is loud? Turn it down! Either way you look like a douche idiot and I am sick of having to stare at you while following you on the road.

                                  the woman (not so) quietly making fun of how ridiculous you look.


To the girl driving with the earbuds in,

   Pretty sure this is illegal, if not it's very dumb. At least it was back in the day of headphones, and earbuds are even worse (better...at blocking out sound). I want you to be able to hear me when I honk at you because you aren't going at the green light, so kindly take out the ear buds and use the radio.

                                the woman laying on the horn behind you


To the guy tilted back in his seat,

   Pretty sure the fact that you are listening to what sounds like polka music cancels out any street cred you think you may be earning by driving while practically lying down in the front seat of your car. Sit up. And change the channel while you are at it. You look (and sound ) like a fool.

                               the woman wishing for earbuds


To all the various ladies in the giant vehicles,

   If you can't drive it/park it/maneuver it, you don't deserve to have it. You aren't the only person on the road. Get over yourself and your ugly truck. I kind of hate strongly dislike you. Ugg. Oh and if you cut me off one more time, so help me....

                             the woman in the van that she knows how to handle (except for that one time pulling into the


And lastly

To the old person driving 10 miles under the speed limit,

    I am sorry you are old, I really am. I have a soft spot in my heart for you, but honestly...if you can't drive, please don't. Because it is taking all of my willpower not to honk at you and mutter not so nice things under my breath. My kids don't need to hear that. So for their sake, pick up the pace!

                           the woman trying really hard to cut back the (Mormon) swearing

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A bit of sewing

It's been a bit of a slow week over here as far as sewing goes, but I did manage to crank out a few new items. I try and only make things that I have fun doing, and I definitely enjoyed both of these projects!

I have so much fun coming up with fabric combos for these gift sets. I sold out of them at the craft fair (squeee!), so I only have this one listed right now. I have a stack of fun fabrics waiting to be turned into burpies and bibs, and hopefully I can tackle it this week! The colors and prints on this one have made it one of my favorites!

I originally bought this fabric to turn into a blankie, and I will, but I had some extra and decided that it should be bibs. And not just plain old bibs, monogrammed bibs! I have 3 waiting to have your babies monogram on them...or a baby you know ;) This H was for my friends little man, he's one of the cutest test subjects I know.
If I can get my rear in gear, next week will be a big update week! A few blankies that are done and waiting to have their picture taken and some really cute onesies, including some tiedye!

And don't forget to head over the Etsy Fort Worth blog before noon on Thursday to enter a drawing for $15 to my shop! Anyone can enter, and there are a few ways to get extra entries! Good luck!

I am linking up to these crafty parties! If you have time click over and see what all these other amazing women are up to!


Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh dear.

I love to bake. Love. But since I started weight watchers I haven't really had the chance, because if I bake something I eat at least half the pan. Keith is more an ice cream guy, and of course I try to limit my kids servings (if only I was that diligent for myself!). A friend of mine is hosting a craft night tonight and told everyone to bring a dessert. Yes! That means I had the opportunity to peruse through my favorited recipes and pick the most decadent one, because I can take it to the party, have my five one small piece, and let everyone else eat it too!

I settled on these Fudge Revel Bars from Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen website (I can waste hours on that site!). The blog showcased a plethora of bars and brownies last week and I about died looking at my computer screen. These ones SCREAMED eat me, and the ingredients are very simple!

They are cooking right now, and I am pretty sure I gained about 5 lbs just from making them. I am thinking I may have to take any leftovers to our neighbors to keep the temptation out of my house!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend (thrifted) spoils

I was FINALLY able to get some garaging done! Our weekends have been so jam packed that it just hasn't happened this summer for me. Saturday after WW I called the house to see if anyone was awake, and since they were all still sleeping I headed out! I found some great treasures! It was definitely meant to be!

My spoils. All of this stuff for 18 bucks, which is way more than I normally spend, but one woman was selling out her house because she has to move into a care home, and there was no way I was gonna haggle her!

Acorn candle container, brand new ($1), bath and body works white candle holder plate (10cents), 2 brand new boxes of jar lids (25 cents for both!), hand crocheted collar and doily ($3-from the little old lady. Way more than I would normally pay, but it was for a good cause!), amazing pink jump rope (75 cents), 2 dorky yet fun CD's...both Simpson sisters (25 cents each), white jar lid..for which I have the perfect fruity glass jar(10 cents).

brand new recipe tin filled with recipes from Sandra Lee ($2), Lady and Sons dessert book ($1!!), bag of pony beads ($1)

AMAZING E.O. Brody Co. milk glass vase ($1). This was a STEAL! And I am thrilled about it!
And my favorite purchases, by far, three gorgeous vintage sheets. The blue ones are a set, twin I think and the pink is just a flat. I have never seen the pink pattern before and for that reason I was willing to pay the old lady $2.50 a piece. It will make for some great crafting...now I just have to be brave enough to cut into it!
I absolutely love garaging, it's such a thrill when you find a steal or something great for your home. And I have no shoppers remorse when I buy second hand!

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