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Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Year of Sundays: week 5

Not too many pictures today. The day was spent watching the morning session of conference, while the kids colored and played on our bed. Then we had a nice break, made a yummy lunch of "Asian" chicken salad (mandarin oranges, chicken, celery, mayo, pepper, and crispy noodles) on croissants from Sam's. Yum! Then with the rest of the noodles we made dessert! Then after a minuscule nap, Keith went off to watch the game at the Taylor's and Nat and I watched the game here. Natalie was feeling crappy, so it was fun to lay around and watch the game with her until I had to work! We had a nice evening, just her and I.

Watching conference on the computer.
Peek-a-boo! There's Natalie!
Yummy! Haystacks!
What a fun lazy Sunday. And to top it off the Cowboys squeaked by with a win too!

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