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Friday, October 3, 2008

Primary Pool Party

I am way, way, way behind on my blogging and I blame that on two things, 1) I haven't been working these last few nights and I honestly get sick of the computer when I work, and 2) I have a mild cold, so all I want to do is lay around and catch up on my 10 HOURS of DVRd shows! (Heroes and Grey's were AWESOME) Anywho, back to the point, I have a lot of blogging to do and I hope I can get it all done today!

First order of business, Natalie had her first Primary activity last weekend. They planned a pool party at one of the ward members houses. I have to say I was a bit concerned that the weather was going to be too cold, but it was just right! Natalie had a blast playing with the big girls, and she loved the ice cream treat because it was before lunch!

Fynn was pretty much adorable the whole time. I just can't stop taking pictures of him!Natalie was excited when Ewan showed up. And the most memorable part of the day was afterwards. Bryce suggested pizza and of course we were game! But, I was totally caught off guard when Nat asked if she could ride with Ewan (one of the many perks of having a van! extra friends fit!) in his car! I totally remember doing this as a kid, and to me for some reason it seemed so grown up! Brady didn't know what to do with himself without Sissy in the car!


Julie said...

That is too cute about Natalie wanting to ride with Ewan. The pool party looks like it was fun, I'm sad that we had to miss it. And after sweating at the boys soccer game I really wanted to jump in a pool!

Jenny said...

SOOOOOOO jealous we weren't there!!!!

Ashley said...

Looks fun! I am surprised they weren't freezing! My kids have officially stopped swimming, too cold.

Kelli said...

That was a fun day. They had a good time riding in the backseat together.