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Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

The rest of our busy Friday ended with a family outing to the pumpkin patch. I love it because it is free, and the kids just LOVE to go! I think I may take them back later in the week so they can just play and we aren't rushing due to extreme hunger!

Brady and his new hat.
This girl had the best case of bedhead. Her bangs WOULDN'T stay down, cracked me up. Running off to play after the hayride. Of course since we got there right at sundown the pictures on the hayride were horrible. Ah well, you go when you can! They love this jail. This was their "sad" faces.
Yeah, sun in the eyes does not make for a great family picture. Plus Brady is determined to give the goofiest craziest faces in any picture he is in!
Natalie with the golden pumpkin. We fell in love with it in the patch and when we got up to pay for it she was like, "Oh it is priced", oh you mean these little black numbers on the pumpkin? GAH! These little black numbers that say 22? WHAT? YIKES! It was too late to put it back because it was so perfect, so yes we got suckered into a 22 dollar pumpkin! No wonder the patch is free! So if you go to the pumpkin patch look out for the pricey ones.


Jenny said...

oooo, fun! where is it again? i want to go!

Caroline said...

Where was this? I've been looking for a pumpkin patch to go to so I can take some cute pictures!

Cheree said...

Was this the FM Pumpkin Patch? (It kinda looks like it from the pics.) We were there last Saturday morning (I still need to blog about it – it’s on my to-do list). We should have met up!!!

Sarah Smiles said...

I'm hoping we can make it to the Flower Mound pumpkin patch this year. It looks like a ton of fun. Just stinks that it closes at dusk, which comes pretty quick!

Mrs. L said...

Yikes, that was one expensive pumpkin...but it was perfect so it was worth it :) Love the photo of Natalie hanging out of the wood pumpkin.