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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Purely so I don't forget some of the sweet things that Brady does I am committing to writing down more of his antics. He is in the best stage of life and this week it finally hit me that though he is "the baby" he isn't A baby anymore! Earlier in the week I had a light bulb go off in my head that he is WAY older than Natalie was when we had Brady, and that shocked me to my very center! When did he grow up? Now, when I watch him with my eyes opened to the fact that he is no longer a baby, I am seeing so much more. Of course he is different that Natalie was because he hasn't had the independence to play on his own like she did, nor do I depend on him to be my helper like I had to do with her (that also makes me sad for Natalie's lost babyhood, she was pushed into being a big girl when I had Brady).

Anywho, he is so sweet. Well, he can be sweet! LOL! This boy is hot and cold, one minute everything is fine and he is giving you googly love eyes and saying how much he loves you, and the next minute you ask him to pick up his toy from the middle of the walkway and he screams "NOOOOOOO!" So yeah, he keeps us on our toes! But we love him so much, and thank goodness the googly eyes severely outnumber the NO's!

And for you enjoyment (and my posterity) a Brady story:

We give the kids vitamins every morning, (this helps us not feel so guilty when they eat like crap! LOL) and the last jar we had each vitamin was a different animal shape. It became a fun game in the morning to see what animal each kid would get, they loved to uncover the mystery (those gummy vitamins are a little wonky looking!) of what they were about to eat. Then those vitamins ran out. I got a new jar and the kids were so happy after not having vitamins for a few days, that Mom had pulled through and gotten her rear to the store to buy more vitamins. So that next morning they both got bears. And then the next morning they got bears....and the next. Yes, I messed up and got the all bear bottle of vitamins. So we have totally explained that every single vitamin is a bear. Yet Brady like clockwork, every morning except that first morning of the new vitamins, looks at his and says "Ohhh, maaan! A bear a-GAIN?".

*Where did you go little Brady?*

P.S. the costume? He's got it on again. He does let us take it off for sleeping, and I did toss it in the wash yesterday, but without fail he asks to wear it first thing in the morning.


Mindi said...

I love how our little baby boys are turning into big boys, but I wish they could be doing it together. i want our kids to be good friends and Reece and Brady dont even know each other. We're gonna have to fix this. Miss ya.

Danielle said...

What a sweetheart. I wish y'all were close by--so he could play with the boys--oh the trouble they would get into.