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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spontaneous Picnic

Monday night was another wonderful night off for me, so Keith and I decided we would head to the park as a family. We stopped off and got some Subway, which I always forget how good that is (why don't they have a drive through??), and then headed to the park. I am pretty sure that eating outside on a picnic blanket ranks pretty high up there on my list of things I love. The weather was that perfect weather that you can't even feel on your skin. The park was empty, and the food was good. I tried to snap a few pictures, but the kids are always pretty reluctant, I have no idea where they got that from.

But I did get a little video, Yay! Even though my camera died at the end so it cuts off, but I did finally figure out how to get it to upload without giving me errors! Woot!


Julie said...

Mmm, Subway! And I actually have been to one that had a drive-through, but I can't remember where it was.

TexasRed said...

The subway with a drive thru is on the corner of Abrams and Cooper - next to the Wendy's just down from McDonalad's! hahaha! Guess I'm a landmark kinda girl! :o) At least I think it's Abrams . . . maybe it's Division . . . nah - pretty sure it's Abrams.

Sounds like y'all had a blast!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Shannon. The video was great fun. I miss you guys so much. Love. Dad

Ashley said...

Fun picnic. The Subway at 303 and Hillcrest has a drive thru. It's across the street from the Payless on 303.