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Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Catch Up

A lot of small and big things have happened in the last few days, but for some reason I just haven't felt like blogging. But, good news for all my avid readers (hahahaha haha ha), I feel like blogging this morning!

Wednesday night last week we decided to carve our perfect pumpkin, except once we cut the top off we realized that the stem had molded all the way down into the pumpkin. Gross. So we pretty much knew it wasn't going to make it to our Trunk or Treat activity on Saturday night, let alone to Halloween.

But we carved it anyway. And once the inside was fully green speckled and disgusting by Friday night we tossed it. Poor pumpkin never even got to be lit with a candle. More lessons learned in the Bowers house, don't pay 22 bucks for a moldy pumpkin!
Thursday morning was Natalie's Grandparents day at school. I wasn't going to have her be the only kid there without a partner for the craft they had planned so I got someone to watch Brady (thanks Betsy!!) and Natalie and I headed over to Shipley's (way, way, way better than Krisy Kreme, I am a total believer now!) for a special breakfast. Then it was off to school, and we had a lot of fun. We made a quilt square/wall hanging thingy, sang some songs, and had some cute nutter butter ghosts. I am super glad I went though because every single kid had a grown up there with them!

Friday night I worked.

Then Saturday night we went to the church Halloween party. They had all sorts of fun carnivally stuff inside and then were having a trunk or treat (where you trick or treat around the circle of cars, going from trunk to trunk) at the end of the night. The kids had fun, the loved the cotton candy.

They even won a cupcake (made by Me!) from the cakewalk. It was funny though because Brady was one number off 4 times before they actually won, when Natalie actually chose her own number out of the basket! Hopefully my kids are lucky, and win things like I do! Woot! But rather than take home a huge cake, Natalie wanted one of Mommy's cupcakes, that made me feel good!
Then the kids sat on the floor for awhile. I am not sure why, turns out we missed a bunch of stuff set up around the church, but they are happy in their ignorance! What they don't know won't hurt them!
Brady loved his "cannies". Oh yeah, here is his costume! He is the UPS man! He chose it himself, and all night people were asking for their packages, Brady was a bit confused and just replied with his typical, "I don't know...".
Close to the end of the activity inside they had a little "parade" where the kids walked across the stage and showed off their costumes. Both kids did this and said their names REALLY LOUD into the mic. It was pretty funny. Then we headed outside to trunk or treat, and that is when I got pretty pissed because obviously people had been out there doing it for awhile before all the people inside made it out because when the kids went around, half the cars were out of candy allready! Ugg, I hate bad planning like that, because the kids get dissapointed. Plus it pissed me off to see little kids with WalMart bags OVERFLOWING with candy, and here are my poor kids with barely anything in their little pumpkins. Ugg! I hate that! But they had fun (I need to come up with some new descriptive words!). Natalie was so pretty as a fluffy ballerina. Brady loved his costume. Natalie got to see lots of her friends (she told me she had been missing Ewan...how sad is that!), and she also got to see her school teacher there, that was a nice surprise!
My camera died or I would have more pictures. But we are going to try and hit up Boo at the Zoo tonight, so that should be super fun/great/exciting...anywho. I don't really like Halloween myself, but the kids do, and that makes it fun for me!


Mrs. L said...

How cute Brady is as the UPS man!
Too bad about the pumpkin, you guys did a great job carving it.

Danielle said...

Natalie is gorgeous as a ballerina. And Brady is adorable as a UPS guy.

Lori said...

Cute UPS man! Toby barks at them because he thinks the guy is leaving bombs at our doorstep. So now the UPS man leaves cookies on top of the packages.
I have to know, are you still reading Cordy's blog? and are you ever coming back to your other blog?

Mindi said...

Oh my gosh, the kids costumes are so cute. Brady looks so adorable and natalie makes the perfect ballerina. our ward never has a fun halloween party, it's kind of disappointing, all we do is a trunk or treat, lame.

Julie said...

That stinks about your perfect pumpkin!
The kids did look adorable at the trunk or treat.

Lori said...

Somehow deleted your email, but wanted you and your friends to have this warning about the chocolate coins - I know you loved them as a kid.
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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is warning the public not to eat,
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http://www.snopes. com/food/ warnings/ coins.asp

Sherwood Brands' Pirate's Gold Premium Milk Chocolate Coins
Sorry for the overly long comment.

Melanie Kym said...

Oh my gosh, Shannon. I am completely stunned right now. I don't know if you still read Cordy's blog anymore or not, but at your suggestion I started reading it a while back and got COMPLETELY HOOKED. I am absolutely shocked and dismayed to find out the truth and I blame you, you know. I even added her blog to my list of blogs I read. What an idiot I am. Did you suspect the truth at all. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you must read the latest entry!