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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Things I should have done today:
1. Grocery shopping
2. Finished the laundry
3. Vacuumed
4. Cleaned the bathroom
5. Sat down with the kids and had quality learning/crafting time

Things I did instead:
1. Crafted on Quiet books with my friend Betsy
2. Took a nap with Brady
3. Let the kids watch two movies
4. Cried a bit over my 40 hour work week
5. Made a chocolate cake


Mindi said...

I have lists almost identical to that most of the time. I miss you TONS too. I'll be working part time soon so hopefully we'll get to talk more on the phone.

Sarah Smiles said...

You still got a ton done! Especially if you were working on quiet books.
And thats awesome you got 40 hours! I am working 10 hours every day over the next 4 days just to get that...so no tears, this time of year the money is always welcome!

Jenny said...



I totally laughed when I read this list because it ended with "Made a Chocolate Cake". What better way to end a day, I ask you? What will your kids appreciate more, anyway, Dinner or Cake? Silly question.

Julie said...

That looks like my should have done list for every day this week. I'll get it all done eventually.

And chocolate cake sounds yummy :)

Mrs. L said...

I should have stayed home from work another day as this cold is kicking my butt! And I wish someone had made ME a chocolate cake to go with my cold :)