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Sunday, October 12, 2008

And on with the show!

Only about a million billion more pictures to go. Family is just going to have to bear with me, you make it through all these posts and I PROMISE pictures of the kids!

I loved this group dance, they all looked so freaky and dark, and Mark was the ringleader so of course I loved that. He is my number 1.1 (Thayne is 1.2, followed closely by Chelsie Hightower at 1.3 and Courtney at 1.4! LOL, I can't pick just one favorite!) Haha...the DOOR DANCE (do yourself a favor and WATCH THAT DANCE!!)! Looooove it! Katee seriously has the BEST lines. I love watching her feet and legs when she dances. Each dancer had a time to do their own solo. It was fun to see each one in their element. Of course Mark did his Queen dance. So good and crazy and cool!
And sweet, smiling Thayne!
Of course they had to do Bleeding Love. Such a good dance. *sigh*Love this dance! This dance MADE Katee and Joshua! They were so lucky to have it the first week. And I love this part when Joshua stinking ROLLS up backwards to a standing position, blew me away! And then they all came out to bow and they were looking at cute (and people started leaving for some reason) and they gave us one last dance and that was it! More fun Mark shots...And since Sarah and I wanted to squeeze out every last ounce of goodness out of the show, we kinda stuck around while people were milling out. Then we decided to go and take our picture at the stage and we each got one of the dollar bills that they used in the money dance (I didn't take pictures of that one)! How cool! A free souvenir! Then we headed out. Sad to go, but loving what we just saw.
As we were walking out we were talking and wishing that we could go to a meet and greet too! And how did people get those passes! We saw a goodly amount of people crowding along a barricade and we assume (or at least I did) that they were waiting to wave to the bus? I don't know why, but maybe that is the cool thing to do, but anywho, seeing as how we wanted to make every bit count, we decided to wait too. And what were we waiting for?? hahaha, next post!

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