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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Halloween Thoughts

I am finally getting into the spirit of Halloween. I think it's the kids that are getting me excited about it. I still don't have many decorations, due to space (and moolah), but I have been having fun adoring other peoples! My cousin at Pages, Pucks and Pantry directed us over to The Noble Pig, and she has been having some seriously fun and funky decoration pictures so far this month.

My favorite being this Halloween Advent Calendar from Pottery Barn Kids. I found directions on how to make your own here. What a fun project to do with the kids!

I am also excited because we are now set for costumes. My sister Sarah is mailing us a perfect costume for Natalie which we are so excited for. And Brady is now the proud owner of his perfect for him costume! He loves it so much that he won't take it off...in fact he slept in it last night! I am glad he is happy and loves what he got rather than me picking out his costume for him like I did last year. It shows me that he is getting so grown up, he is old enough now to know what he really wants, and not just what I want him to want! LOL!

I honestly am not a big fan of Halloween. I don't really care for what it stands for and I hate all the scary stuff. In fact, I was TOTALLY creeped out when I went into Party City, I mean the store is totally lit up, but yet I was still spooked by all the bloody ghouls and headless clowns. Don't even get me started on haunted houses! So many times in college I would try a haunted house, thinking "this will be FUN!", I was delusional. Every single time (no exaggeration) I would end up with my head buried in someone elses back gripping their arms so that I could walk through without getting killed by the crazy chainsaw guy or the werewolf on the bridge. Most of the time this went well for me, LOL, b/c that back belonged to my date! Once it was my friend's date (no it wasn't a date stealing move) and that was the final and LAST haunted house I ever went to. I think the clincher was when the owner of said back started yelling back at the creepy people. Ah, good times, those Rexburg haunted houses. (You remember that one don't you Min?)

Anywho, I hope you all are starting to really feel the whole atmosphere of Fall upon us. It isn't as prevalent here in Texas as it was when I was growing up, but I can feel it. I smell the burning woodsmoke, I see the dry leaves blowing along the side of the road, I here the caw of wintry birds. Oh, how I love Fall, it is the best BEST time of year!


Mrs. L said...

Ack, Halloween is my favorite holiday! I so love that Halloween calendar but can't find it anywhere. Maybe I'll have to make my own too.

Can't wait to see the kids in their costumes!

Sarah Smiles said...

Halloween is so much fun! It doesn't have to be about all the spooky stuff! But I do have to agree with you...haunted houses are NO fun. Of course, I just told James I MIGHT be game for one this year...trying to fool myself!
I am so making that advent calendar! Thanks for posting those direction on how to do it!! So cute!

Mindi said...

Oh my gosh, that Haunted House was so funny. I hate them too, sometimes I end up crying still, especially from the chainsaw guys, they totally freak me out. When my date was yelling back at those peple it totally made it not scary, although i was kind of embaressed by it.

Julie said...

We went to Party City today to get the boys costumes and the clown that they have there is creepy! Shannon had his hands over his ears when we walked by it.
I actually like haunted houses, but it took me awhile. (And maybe I've never been to a really scary one.) But we used to go to the ones at Fright Fest at Six Flags and for a couple of years I went to one at a fraternity house at UTA.