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Monday, October 20, 2008

Catching up

One nice thing about having days off is that I can actually do stuff with my family, which means I have more things to blog about. It also means that I don't want to sit down and blog because either 1) I am too lazy or 2) I want to go to bed earlier than 12 for once. So, that means I have lots and lots of pictures to share, 3days later!

Friday was my only night off last week so I wanted to make it good. With the lack of an available play date I got a wild hair and took the kids up to the Wiggly Play Center (link has sound). I am pretty sure there is nothing like that near where we live (which stinks) and the kids love the atmosphere there AND it is near IKEA, so it is totally worth the drive. Also nice now that 121N is completed and you don't have to drive on the frontage road the whole time. Of course none of the pictures I got turned out, but oh well! We had a blast. This was the first time that BOTH of the kids felt brave enough to go up into the toys on their own. I went down the bumpy slides a few times with Brady and then he was off! I think it scared him at first with how fast it was, but once he realized that the bottom slowed him down he was good to go! I love just letting them PLAY, really run around and climb and slide and dance and all sorts of things. Yes, we can do this at the park, but it was so fun to go here! And they got to participate in Wiggle with Wags, which was hilarious. Wags the dog is one of the characters from the Wiggles and he came out and they all danced to some of the more popular songs and then took pictures. I thought the kids would be as freaked out by the giant costume, but they loved it! Brady even went in for a hug!

Going down the big slidesDancing with Wags! Watching the dancers. He wasn't thrilled about the dancing, but he liked watching. Its Wags!
After all this excitement we headed over to IKEA for a cheap lunch (even though they raised their prices), and to check out the toy section. I also picked up a chair for Natalie that I have been eyeing for months but they haven't had in every single time I have gone up there, and I was afraid to leave it till next time! There are tons of new things but I didn't want to look TOO much because we are going to go up again soon with Sarah & Co.(I promise I didn't forget!) and anyone else that wants to join us for that matter!


Jenna Shea said...

Hi Shannon and Keith, It's been awhile since we've seen ya'll. Your family is adorable!

Sarah Smiles said...

Ummm, yeah, I was about to say! PUNK! You went to IKEA without me!? Gah! But hopefully we can go up soon, I love me some meatball thingy's whatever they are called!

Jenny said...

why have i never heard about this Wiggly Play Park thingie? and i second sarah with a major PUNK! Other people love IKEA too, you know! :)

Shannon said...

Hi Shea! Welcome to our blog, so glad you found us!

And yes! I promise we will ALL go again to IKEA! LOL, you can't go to the wiggly play center and NOT have lunch at IKEA! I am always game for a drive up there, AND it is WAY quicker now that the highway is finished!

Caroline said...

LOVE me some IKEA!I was SOOOOO sad that the plans for the Arlington IKEA were dropped!

Cheree said...

Umm – you MUST let me know when you guys to go IKEA. Ya’ll drive PAST my house going up there – so you must allow me to tag along!!!! (please) :-)

Julie said...

What a fun play place!
And I am an Ikea lover, too. :)