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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

what's up?

Basically I am too busy/lazy/tired to do a real post, so you guys get a list again.

1. We headed over to the Disney store this morning to pick up the Tinkerbell movie that we had preordered. And we watched it 3 times today. It is super cute, and Natalie is over the moon about it! She L-O-V-E-S Tinkerbell, and the movie did not disappoint, it also makes it seem like there will be more, so YAY!

2. I got bangs, loooove them!

3. We went to Boo at the Zoo on Monday. It was super fun, the kids LOOOVED it of course. You get 6 little coupons with your ticket and you can redeem them at the candy booths, that was such a great idea, the kids came home LOADED with candy. They also enjoyed all the little carnival games, and we caught a couple of the silly little shows, and even saw some animals! My favorite part of the whole thing were these lights they had, oh my goodness, I will have them in my garden one day. They were just Christmas lights, but you take off all but every 5th or so light bulb, and then they slipped these round lanterns over the remaining bulbs. It was beautiful at night, like a fairy garden. I tried to get pictures, but they didn't really turn out.

4. It's been cold here, like we are wearing socks and sweats inside! Yay! Keith hates the cold and has to break out the slippers, but I LOVE it! I love being able to blow dry my hair without sweating. I love being able to dress the kids in their warm wintry clothes, boots, coats, and hats. I love the smell of the cold air, and being able to open my windows and let the outside in. I love adding flavored creamers to my grocery list to spice up our hot cocoa, and I love getting sick off drinking too much hot cocoa!

5. I am looking forward to my "weekend". I can catch up on some cleaning, maybe actually see some people and get out of the house.

6. Lately I have been super appreciative of my little family. I am so grateful for Keith and the kids, and the solid foundation that they provide for me here at home. And the fact that they will always love me and want to be with me and spend time with me even if I am being cranky or mean. And the kids ALWAYS want me to lay with them at bedtime, even if the day had rough patches.

Pretty globes of light.
The kids basically rebelled from the camera at the zoo. They were having NONE of it, but I did get a few blurry ones, and this one when they were watching the Halloween Night Fever show, it was pretty silly, but the kids liked it, at least for a little while. Oh, and Brady held on to a sucker literally the whole time we were there, we let him eat his red one after dinner, and then he got this blue one to hold. At one point he had one sucker in his hand, and a girl handed him another one, and he didn't know what to do! He was trying to figure out how to hold both suckers and his pumpkin, and it just wasn't working out for him. Too cute!
Funny video of Natalie dancing, it was hard to get her to do it for the camera, but she was being so silly and cute I wanted to try and get it!


Mindi said...

I love you Shannon, and miss you so much. I wish we could live closer and do all of the fun things we do, together. You are the best friend ever.:)

Keithaniel said...

You are always thinking of other people.
You are a good friend.

You do things for people both little and small.
You are a great friend.

You love people no matter what. You are a best friend.

I love you.
The kids love you.
Vacations will come.

Jenny said...

get down, Natalie!

and Keith was making me swoon with that comment! What a sweetheart.

Remember our talk and you're comin' to see me, miss thang, whether i ahve to come fetch you or not!

Erin said...

can i make a request? more videos... i started crying when i saw this one. i miss you all so much. :(