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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day Dreamin'

At church a few of us were joking around about what we might do if we had piles of cash laying around (yeah...right, LOL). I started thinking about what would I do with a big chunk o' change to spend on me, since right now pretty much any money I spend I spend on the kids. I decided I would make myself a special reading/relaxing place.

I would start with this cute but pricey rug.

Then add this chair and a half. Love it!

Then this fabulous lamp I have been drooling over since the Pottery Barn catalogue arrived weeks ago.

This handy side table/storage cube for my treasures.

And a pretty little throw pillow,

and a comfy blanket to cuddle with to top it off.

Add a great book, some pitter pattering rain outside, and I've got myself a dream afternoon!


Anonymous said...

We like the rug. It would work well in the entry way for Spring. Love. Dad

Sarah Smiles said...

That is some pretty stuffs!

saucysosville said...

Talk about heaven.