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Thursday, October 16, 2008


Natalie came home from school with a little paper announcing Grandparents Day on October 23rd. The Grandparents are invitied to come for an hour, make a craft and have a snack. That STINKS. She also added that parents can come, but still, it isn't the same. I hate living away from family. I mean Natalie has 8, yes EIGHT grandparents and none live close and NONE will be there. STINKS.


Ashley said...

I'm almost old enough to be a grandma, and I am a sucker for snacks AND crafts. Can I come? Just kidding. Just think, Grandparents day is once a year and this is her first, there will be many more.

Lori said...

My grandparents never lived close when I was a kid, so I really treasured our visits.
I had an "adopted" grandmother from our church. She was a little Greek Lady, Grandma Helen. She taught my mom how to make baklava, which we still have every Christmas and gave my wedding present to my mother when I was four years old - I opened it with family right after our reception.

Amber & Robby said...

I think you should totally find some stand-in grandparents to go with her. She will have so much fun.