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Sunday, October 12, 2008


To So You Think You Can Dance! (um...say that like Cat, mkay?) Ok, so this post will probably take me all night to write because work is so busy, but I can't put it off any longer. To summarize: the show was fantabulous. Now if you want details (or at least as many as I can remember) keep reading...

*Lots and lots and LOTS of pics, seriously TONS, some blurry, some not, but all good! I took over 200 pictures, and it is hard to choose my faves! Oh, and if you haven't seen the show you can ignore this post, I will be posting some pictures of the kids I took Friday at the park as soon as I recover from this one.*

So, lets see, where to begin. Sarah and I got there, got a great parking spot, waited in line for a minimal amount of time, hit the restrooms, grabbed some snackage and headed to our seats. They weren't half bad! The only problem was that all the performers actually entered the stage right were we couldn't see, so that kinda sucked, but we were pretty close. Nokia has a great set up.
So, it didn't take long for the lights to go down and the show began. Nigel was on the big screen and introduced the show, they showed a few clips from auditions, a bit more talking, and then they came out! Woot! They all looked SO stinking cute in their matching red and white outfits! It was so hard to take pictures AND watch the show, plus I was pretty much pushing that dang zoom to the limit. So most of these look better small. But yeah, they were right there!Chelsie! Courtney! Woot!
Then the dancing began! Oh the dancing! Of course they did our favorite dances from the season. So many good dances, it was so exciting to see what they were going to do next. Remember this one? With the assisted run? So wonderful!Love, Love, LOVE this dance! The Garden...love these dancers too!This Adam and Eve dance was one of my all time favorites too, I think Jessica really got a bum deal on the show. I really liked her, and she was so cute and nice in person!Then they, of course, had to have some comic relief and that fell to Gev, poor sweet Gev. Oh man! They had a little segment of the dances from around the world and since the dancers were the announcers for the show they would come out in costumes from that area. Anywho they had Gev all dressed up, and some cute little skits with him professing his love to Courtney. She shooed him off stage in the first costume. The second costume change he kissed her! Woot! and the third costume was HILARIOUS. Oh yeah, did I mention he was wearing girls costumes? Apparently Chelsie couldn't make the quick changes...hehe.

Shuffling off the stage after being shooed. He was so sad.He was claiming to be serious. I mean the guy didn't crack a smile, it was hilarious. AND he kissed Courtney here too! Woot! (though after the show we heard her assuring that they were just best friends.)Then the Russian dance, and Joshua with his high jumps! Wow! Last costume change. Um, he sat down...in the hoop skirt...and they zoomed in, it was pretty funny. Of course it is all a big act, but he did it so sweetly. Then the Viennese waltz with Mark and Courtney, so pretty.
(bored yet?)
Last dance of this little bit was the Bollywood group dance. They all looked great of course, and it was so good!Then intermission. And since this stinkin post has so many pictures, I am thinking this night is going to be a three parter! I hope you liked these ones!

P.S. It took me 4 hours to complete this post! It's hard to blog when you are at work...shhh! Don't tell!


Mubeen said...

Did Katee and Joshua not do their Bollywood dance?! I loved that! Sigh. I'm.so.jealous. lol

Shannon said...

No, they just did the group Bollywood. Apparently there were SO many favortie dances, that the show was originally like 4 hours, so some had to be cut!