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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Way Back Wednesday

Here is my sixth grade school picture, I actually don't hate it. That is surprising. But man, oh man, did I have some gangly teeth!
I finally found a picture of me with my first pair of glasses (bifocals). We were poor so these were like the only frames that our insurance covered, or so I remember!
We always had pets, these are some kitties we had at one time. I recall we took them to a farmer's market to try and give them away?? I am not sure how successful that was. Erin was a pretty cute kid! And that is my stepsister Cris, so cute!
Um, yeah, here is Mindi and I being retarded at Girl's Camp. I actually have 2 pictures from this day of us doing the same pose. Sweet. My shirt says "Legalize Freedom", it is some shirt I got from my dad, but it is hilarious because everyone thought it said "Legalize Marijuana". Um, take the time to READ people! I almost got in trouble for wearing it! Needless to say after I got reprimanded from some stupid leader that didn't read the shirt all the way, you couldn't pay me to take it off till it was filthy! Take that, authority figure!


Kelli said...

Oooooooh, I want one of those kitties⁄

Mindi said...

We were such nerds, but look how skinny we were.

Jenny said...

Ah...the pointless rebellion of youth. I love Girls' Camp. Some of the ugliest pictures of me in existence were born there.

Ashley said...

You seriously don't age at all do you? Man I am jealous, but then again I am like alot older than you but still!

Shannon said...

I do look scarlily the same don't I?? I would kill to be that size again though, and I thought I was SO FAT!! And Mindi was fricken tiny! Ah, kids, I love them, but they did horrors to my body!