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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Too old for her own good!

I am now convinced that Natalie is 3 going on 13! I am not ready for this. She talks so hilariously teenagerish that I can't stand it. She rolls her eyes, she says "like", she does this super funny clicking sound to emphasize certain points (think of the snap action, but with a click noise instead of a snap), she calls Brady "Cool Kid McFool Kid" ( I think she heard us say that once, but hearing it out of her mouth is just TOO much!!). She cracks me up! I think a lot of her actions she is picking up from some of the older kids at preschool, but I like it, she is testing out personalities. She is learning that there are some ways to speak that you just don't do to Mommy and Daddy. We have been having lots of mini-lessons on language around here. Talking about how Moms and Dads are allowed to say some things that kids aren't and learning a lot about tone of voice and attitude. And she has ATTITUDE! I love this kid more than life itself, but man I have a feeling her teenage years are going to be tough!

P.S. I did get some very pretty pictures (at least they looked good on the camera!) of her the other day, and I will post them, as soon as I get a minute to put them on the computer!

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Ashley said...

Just a heads up, it starts to get bad around 10... Chloe has always been a brat and it's bad now as her mind and body dive headfirst into puberty. Save me!