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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Book Review: Garden Spells

When I first got this book, I was unsure. You never know with random novels if they are going to be clean, or completely smutty. This one had just the right mix of romance, danger and magic. I loved it so much. I can't really explain it well so here is a synopsis I found online:

"Two gifted sisters draw on their talents to belatedly forge a bond and find their ways in life in Allen's easygoing debut novel. Thirty-four-year-old Claire Waverley manifests her talent in cooking; using edible flowers, Claire creates dishes that affect the eater in curious ways. But not all Waverley women embrace their gifts; some, including Claire's mother, escape the family's eccentric reputation by running away. She abandoned Claire and her sister when they were young. Consequently, Claire has remained close to home, unwilling to open up to new people or experiences. Claire's younger sister, Sydney, however, followed in their mother's footsteps 10 years ago and left for New York, and after a string of abusive, roustabout boyfriends, returns to Bascom, N.C., with her five-year-old daughter, Bay. As Sydney reacquaints herself with old friends and rivals, she discovers her own Waverley magic. Claire, in turn, begins to open up to her sister and in the process learns how to welcome other possibilities."

Overall, if you see it on the self, check it out!

P.S. and please forgive any spelling errors, my spell check has left the building, I guess never to return


Aunt Ruth said...

What do you consider smutty? Sounds like an okay book. Are you trying a new background for your blog?

Shannon said...

LOL, what you and Grandma read, I would probably consider smutty...hehehe. And yes, I am trying out a new background, my friend Missy is working on a new header for me! Staytuned for it, b/c I know it will be wonderful!

Aunt Ruth said...

Love stories are smutty to you! Well, if real life love stories are smutty guess I read smut and so did you Grandma, Aunt Dolly, Aunt Emma, Aunt Sybil, her daughter. And a lot of others. Harlequin romance books are not smutty or are they considered so.

Shannon said...

LOL, I am just teasin' you! Everyone needs a little romance now and then, but yes those Harlequin books get pretty steamy, that is why I find it hilarious that all you sweet ladies gobble them up! Sometimes though I just like to find a good story with out all the heat! LOL

SarahK said...

Looks like a good book! I happen to be in the same boat as Aunt Ruth, I love a Harlequin now and again Ü!

Kelli said...

I'd read that book because of the cover alone.

Shannon said...

That is why I even picked it up!