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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Way back Wednesday

Sorry these are a little late, I was busy getting a PERM (that right, a perm!!) today. I will post pictures soon, once I tame the beast and get it styled how I like it. Anywho, here are some more pictures from my mom. All three were new to me, but all were wonderful memories!

Sarah and I at Christmas time at my Grandma's, she LOVES tinsel! And I LOVED that dress! It was velvety and it was the prettiest thing I owned at that point in my life...sad.

Here I am in awkward child stage. I loved huge sweatshirts that came down over my hands. And check out those shoes! I must have been still growing in to them. This one made the cut because it has the Oregon coast! hurrah!

Another favorite outfit, except this one is missing a main piece, a strand of white round beads ("pearls"). I remember thinking it was so cute! A perfect white necklace to match the writing on the my pretty red sweatshirt. I loved this sweatshirt because it was from my Dad's school, and that was SO cool.


SarahK said...

how exciting...a perm! can't wait to see!

Kelli said...

Ahhh, the Oregon coast, so beautiful! And I love the velvety dress!

Ashley said...

Cute pics, and I too can't wait to see your hair. When Chloe and I were at the movies, I so wanted Miley Cyrus' curly long hair and a perm crossed my mind...

Missy said...


By the way, Shannon, you're next on my list for a blog header! I'm probably going to make a bunch then change the colors a bit then sell them! I need the practice!