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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's ba-aaack!

I am giddy as a school girl right now! The BEST, BEST, BEST show is back on TV! I heard about it only this morning on the radio, and I immediately called Keith to set up a series recording. I had NO idea the show was going to do a winter season (how did I miss this???)! Now all of you know I like my TV, but you may not all know I have a guilty pleasure. That pleasure is called: Big Brother! It is sleazy, horrible, and all around trash, but I love it! And this year is proving to be sleazier than ever! I am so excited...hehehe. Please, if any of you also partake in this horrible, trashy, wonderfully adicting show let me know, (I know my sister Sarah does!) and then I wont feel so alone posting my thoughs on the show! LOVE IT!

P.S. folow all the progress HERE. I am not cool enough to be a true fan and subscribe to the 24 hour video feed, but I love the show regardless!


Ashley said...

Ok, I am so ticked! My DVR didn't tape it. When I looked back at the guide it was highlighted red, so it should have taped. I don't know what happened!! At least we have cable and can watch Big Brother After Dark!

Shannon said...

Yeah, it might not have recorded because as we found out it overlapped both AI and Biggest Loser. So we had to choose, AI was the one that got cut in this house, but we did watch the first hour, and that was fun!

Bobette said...

I am also a big fan and had withdrawals after last season ended. I had no idea it even started, but now that I know I've got the DVR set to record. You better believe I'll be sitting on my couch with my popcorn come Big Brother time.

Ashley said...

here is the best Big Brother website out there, in case you haven't stumbled upon it yet!