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Monday, February 4, 2008

Feeling better?

So, I got to talk to my sister Sarah for a while the other day (hurrah!!) and she asked me how I was feeeling. I had to think a bit, but my reply was "down". As I look back and think about what we talked about following that I realized that unfortunatley "down" does not fully describe how I have been feeling for the last while. The real word makes me cringe, it feels trite and overused, the real word is: depressed. (Even saying it now, when I have made up my mind to come clean, feels icky) I know I have a good life, a great life, you could even say a wonderful life, yet I still get these bouts that hit me and nothing makes me feel better. I wish I could just tell myself "get happy" and all would be well. Until that works, I just trudge through, while constantly reminding myself of the good things in my life, until the cloud lifts.

One thing that will always bring a smile to my face is pictures of my children. Unlike the real, live versions, they don't scream or whine or ask for stuff. They are just bits of memories captured there to make us smile. Also, unlike the real, live versions, they don't hug or kiss, or whisper "I love you". So, while they are never as good as the real thing, pictures do bring a bit of sunshine in. Here are some from recently I haven't shared, that truly made me smile.

Brady was watching Sesame Street and noticed Natalie's Kya on the floor all alone. He went and got her so she could enjoy a little TV time too.

Natalie's school had a "pajama day" we found her these cute "fruit salad" jammies, as we call them, and she had a wonderful time at school.

Ah, the face, the silly, goofy, signature brady face.

Natalie came home with this mask, they learned about Africa at school. She thought it was pretty cool. Later, she scared Ewan with it, not cool.

Natalie, begged and begged to get me to take pictures of her couch. She played with this thing ALL. DAY. LONG.

She even fell asleep on it.

Ah, to dress up, and torture thy baby brother.

Um, Natalie? Mom? DAD? GUYS?????

There was an indoor rainstorm, it called for no pants and puzzles.Pretty much HAD to buy him this shirt.Oh yeah, we went for a trip to Bass Pro Shops, and Natalie found what she wants for her birthday. Keep dreamin' kiddo!


Heaton Family said...

Very cute pictures!! OH, and the whole feeling "down" thing...part of being a woman. No real reason why you feel that way...ya, just part of being a woman... :-)Can you tell I can relate?

SarahK said...

Those are some super sweet pictures, I can't believe how long Nat's hair is getting!
And don't feel down! Not to be cheesy....but the skies are blue, somewhere over that rainbow, sweets! Just gotta get over the hump Ü.

Kelli said...

I hope our girl's night tonight will make you feel better. And Ashley bought that same "parents" shirt for Ewan, but in black.

Ashley said...

Shannon, I have been feeling pretty bad for a long time. Heading back to church and focusing on scripture study has made all the difference. I hope you feel better soon, and I look forward to helping lift your spirits next Friday!

Shannon said...

Yes, I am trying to be more dilligent in reading my scriptures and praying more often. Generally just trying to bring the Spirit back into my life. I know it can't fix the chemicals in brain, but it sure can help!

And I would have LOVED that shirt in black! The only color they had was blue, but I love the words, so I got it anyway!