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Friday, February 15, 2008

Bowers Family Update

Um, yeah, so we are all sick. Somehow one after another we all got sick. Brady had it first and after a father's blessing from Keith (how grateful I am that Keith can give blessings!), he got better right away. But then Keith got the flu, and then Mommy got more sick, and then Natalie got weepy and coughy, and now Brady is back to laying around and wimpering like a little puppy. Thankfully my wonderful, sweet friend Kelli went to the store for us and got us some essentials (like toilet paper, kleenex, bananas, and Gatorade). Now we are all lounging around watching TV, alternating between being curled up in blankets and throwing them off, drinking lots of fluids, and trying successfully to cough up our lungs! The worst part of all of this is that this weekend we had 3 parties to go to! Natalie missed her Valentine's party at school, I missed my mothers need love too party at Ashley's and the real kicker, my poor sweet boy turns 2 tomorrow! So his birthday party will have to be postponed until we are feeling better. The ironic thing is that last year on Brady's birthday, Natalie woke up with the stomach flu! Let's not make this a tradition...mkay?


SarahK said...

Aww! Im so sorry, I hope ya'll feel better!

Kelli said...

Poor Brady! But at least he's too young to know he missed anything. Hope ya'll start feeling better quick.

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Brady, hope the Bowers family is well again soon! We missed ya'll yesterday.