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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


OK, so before I subtly (or so I thought) hinted at the fact that it always seems like Keith is more sick than I am no matter what. But, I will give him this one time. The poor guy is SO sick, and I just wake up with a wicked sore throat every morning that goes away by lunch. We sent Keith to Urgent Care this morning, which is saying a lot, because we are not doctors office people, especially since Keith is not insured. Anywho, so long story short Keith is sick, he has missed school, and we are pretty worried about him. Pray for him to get well (and not just because Brady's birthday party is this weekend!).

**UPDATE** So Keith has the flu virus, greeeat. He went to Urgent care which cost him around 60 bucks, then they sent him with a prescription to WalMart, where they proceded to make him wait 40 minutes for his pills. That seems like a good plan, make the sick, pukey guy wait around spreading his germs for 40 minutes. Nice. Then it turns out the prescription was for magic pills! Well, they better be magic! It was $97 for 10 pills, yes you read that right NINETY SEVEN DOLLARS for TEN MEASLY PILLS!!! What do they think we are here? Made of money?? Sheesh! So, yeah these pills better work, and I better not get the flu!

Good news is after a day of laying around basically all day long, and a wonderful blessing from Keith, Brady is pretty much back to his old self. Namely running around and causing havoc. This is a blessing and a curse. A curse due to that fact that all I want to do is lay on the couch all day (and now I have to chase B), but a blessing because he really had us worried yesterday and we are thrilled that he is well!


Ashley said...

Oh no! The flu sucks!!!! I hope he feels better! Medicine prices are crazy. My pills for my stomach (nexium 40 mg) cost $425 dollars for 3 months!! No kidding. Thank goodness she gave me enough for 90 days for free!!! I about died when I saw the price!

Kelli said...

I hope he gets better fast! Are the kids sick, too, or are they getting over it?

SarahK said...

Oh no! Poor Keith! Medication is no fun...even with insurance I pay $30 for birth control! I couldn't imagine what it would be without it!
That is INSANE, Ashley! INSANE...I hope it helps!

Shannon said...

Brady is now not really sick, which is a miracle in itself. But poor Natalie now feels it, she is coughing and crying. And tomorrow is her first school party! I keep telling her to lay down, so she can maybe be better tomorrow! Somehow Brady has morphed into this kid that is the most accomodating ever, he is just being so cool about the fact that we are all lazing about. And very patient, poor kid is probably bored to tears!

Ashley said...

Shannon, Kelli said you were thinking about sending your gift so there would be an extra! Nonsense! I will send yours and some lunch to you if ya'll are unable to come. I hope ya'll all feel better soon.