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Thursday, February 28, 2008


So, I feel like a teenager all over again tonight! A few days ago Keith was using my drivers license number for something and he realized that it is expired, and the kicker is it expired in DECEMBER! Ahhhh! That means, not only have I been driving around illegally, but I now have to pass all THREE tests at the DMV to get my license! That's right I have to take the driving test, the written test, and the easy vision test. So here I am putting off studying (typical procrastination! you would think I had grown out of that, obviously not!) so that I can share my fears with you! I know I will pass, but for some reason my stomach is troubled...parallel parking under pressure? Never pleasant. Remembering who has the right of way and how far to park from the fire hydrant...please let me pass! If I fail, I will just DIE of embarrassment. The only good thing that is coming out of this, is that for once in my life my license will show my ACTUAL place of residence! And the best part you ask? Cowboys license plates!

P.S. I will keep you all posted, and please pray for me that I have a good hair day tomorrow! The last license picture I took I was 7 months pregnant with Natalie!


SarahK said...

That is just crazy that you have to take the DRIVING test of all things again! I mean, I totally understand the written and vision...but parallel parking and the whole she-bang! Crazy...
but Good Luck!! I'm sure you'll do fine!

Ashley said...

Why do you have to retake any of them? Shouldn't you just be able to pay, look at the vision chart, and get a new picture and license? I have had mine expire before and I didn't have to retake any of it. Is it because ya'll moved from Oregon? That is crazy bs!!

Hummer Bob said...

Must run in the family. I was driving around with expired tags on the Hummer for a month, and still haven't put the tags on. And, I renewed my license on the last day. I still had to retake the vision test, because I'm so OLD. That was BS. Especially when half the people getting licenses couldn't speak or read ENGLISH! You'll do fine. Notice the new ID. Love. Dad