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Friday, February 22, 2008

New Shoes

The kids feet have been growing really fast lately and it seems like all of their shoes got too small all at once. So the first outings we had after The Sickness were to get new shoes for the kiddos. Now in our house we take our shoes off at the front door (saves a LOT of cleaning up, you would be surprised!) and so the kids love when they get new shoes because that means they can wear them in the house until the become tainted by the outside world. Anywho, before naps today I had the kids help clean up a bit and after I put them both to bed I noticed their little shoe garden. Brady loves his new (fake) crocs, he gets so proud that he can put them on "by self", I might need to get him another pair so he can have one inside one and one to wear out! And of course Natalie's pink polka dot shoes are fabulous.


LCFrohm said...

Where did you get their shoes?
I feel like my boys are having a growth spurt too! Not to mention the fact that it's like 80 degrees down here in San Antonio. IN FEBRUARY!!! I need to go shorts shopping. And next week we're heading to Utah... so we'll go from 80 degrees to like 40 degrees. I am going to die- I just know it!
Anyways- post back with where you got their super cute shoes.

Mrs. L said...

Love those pink polka dot shoes for Natalie!

Shannon said...

The pink polka dot ones and the boy shoes are from the great Target, the other 2 pairs ore from payless...BOGO sale!