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Monday, February 25, 2008

Bathroom Confessions

A few orders of bathroom dealings tonight. The first is that I am thinking my Mr. Brady is either claustrophobic or has an irrational fear of public restrooms and dressing rooms! I first noticed it a while back when I was at Target with the kids and Natalie had to go potty. I was by myself so that meant I had to park the cart (full of course) and lug the kids in, and pray the large stall was open! It was, so I was thinking luck was on my side, until we went in the stall and Brady started FREAKING OUT! I had to have him stand while I did the crazy don't touch the public toilet seat dance with Natalie (don't even get me started on that! It is so hard to take her potty in public, what with the laying down of the protective million sheets of toilet paper, the holding of her on the potty so her legs don't drag on the front of the toilet, etc, etc, etc). Anywho back to Brady, so here he is crying the whole time I am trying to keep them germ free, and the poor guy was miserable. Then once we were safely back out with our cart, all sterilized and ready to go, he kept saying "loud, loud", so I just thought he didn't like the loudness of the flushing toilets and the way it is echoey (sp??) in the restroom. I comforted him, and didn't give it a second thought!

Until, that is, we were at Old Navy and we went into the dressing room to try on some clothes. I had Brady in a cart, and really didn't think there was going to be a problem, until we wheeled him in and he started crying as soon as I shut the door! I consoled him, and we tried on our things as quickly as we could so that we could get the poor guy out of there, and back into the safety of the wide open store!

And then, Saturday I took the kids to Chik-fil-A (yummy!) and we had to go into the bathroom to wash up when we were done. Again, I didn't think it would be an issue, especially since we were just washing hands like we do after every meal (especially if it is greasy chicken nuggets!!). But, surprise, surprise he started crying as soon as we got in there! I suppose it didn't help that it was like the smallest bathroom ever, and there were other people trying to wash up too! So, these events have led me to conclude that Brady is scared of bathrooms, or small spaces, either way, I will have to make sure I am more careful from now on! Who knew fears like this could show themselves at such an early age?

Now compared to that looooong story the other matter of business seems trivial! But I really need to vent somewhere and where better than my blog? The issue is that our stupid shower can't make up it's mind whether or not it wants to be scalding hot or ice water cold. So the whole time we are showering we are doing a little in and out dance trying to save our skin! I don't think there is a way to fix this either so we are stuck! It was fine for a while, we would get a normal temp shower more than half the time, but now it seems like almost every time we are dealing with its fickleness! It makes showers take twice as long, and not to mention I feel like I am back at girls camp braving the freezing cold shower just so that I can wash my hair!


Jenny said...

I think your brave for even ATTEMPTING to try on clothes with your little guy. Mine automatically freak out but for different reasons. And seriously, there is nothing worse than a full cart of groceries and a kid saying "i have to go potty." I always have this strange fear that someone's going to take off with my cart while I'm inside the bathroom.

Shannon said...

yeah, Natalie always decides she has to go potty when we are in the toy section, which, of course is in the way back of target!

Missy said...

I second Jenny! I feel so guilty sometimes for being grateful to have a lunchbreak where I can do things like that without Ben because heaven knows I'd NEVER take him in a dressing room after trying to do it at Target once!

And about the water issue, you might check with your apartments and have your water heater checked out. I'm sure it's probably a gazillion years old and that's why it's giving you so much trouble. Us moms need a good relaxing shower!

Kelli said...

About your water, that can be fixed (Take it from someone who has taken and followed-up on thousands of similar complaints in all of my apartment receptionist days.)

Poor Brady! I've never heard of anything like that. I'd just bring it up at the doc at his 2 year appointment. I'm sure she can give you some insight. Also try googling it.

I guess I'm the luckiest mom on the planet, I can totally try on clothes with my boys, no problem. But they pay me back in other ways, trust me.

Shannon said...

Yeah, I that is a bummer ya'll can't try on clothes with your kiddos! Do they just freak out if you change your clothes? Other than the small space they have always let me try on clothes, if I dare! I think I just normally dont b/c at target you cant take the cart in, and who wants to unload everyone to try on one thing, that probably wont fit anyway! Plus I love to try on clothes with Nat, cause she tells me if it looks good or not!

And, um, yeah I would have to take him to a 2 year appt to get that checked and that requires ins, which for some reason the kids dont have right now?!?! But, i really dont think it is a medical issue, maybe jsut a fear of small spaces!

And we will call about the water, but we are a little discouraged b/c we had some other things that neeeded fixed and we waited weeks to turn in a report, and when we fianlly did, NO ONE SHOWED! very irritating! b/c you wait around for 2 days waiting for them to come, and nothing!


Kristy said...

When Thomas was in school, we got chips, or whatever it is called. It is the state insurance for kids and your premium is based on your household income. And being that Thomas was in school, I think we didn't end up paying a premium at all. It was very nice to have them covered!

Shannon said...

That is what they had! They were on state ins, medicaid, and then all of a sudden no ins cards, and no renewal letters! I have just been too lazy to get it taken care of, luckily my kids are healthy!

Kristy said...

Chips is different from Medicaid and it was a lot less of a hassle to get. I need to pull myself away from your blog and go to bed. It has been fun reading everything on here!

Shannon said...

night Kristy! and I will have to get my lazy rear in gear and check out this CHIPS!

Danielle said...

for sure turn in another maintenance request. that is totally absurd to have such a problematic water problem. and when you turn it in--find out when they will be coming by, if they don't come when they say they do, get the name of the property management company, call and tell them. it might just be a lazy manager of the property. if my tenants don't have something fixed within 24 hours they are pounding down my door.