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Monday, February 18, 2008

The party's over...

...tomorrow we are back to the grind. I guess we are all bascially over being sick, just pretty cough and still a bit sniffly. I have no idea when we pass the mark of being contagious, but I am thinking we are in the clear. We still need to take it easy, but there is no getting around it, we can't ignore the world anymore. Now we have to learn to juggle Keiths new job (HURRAH!!!) and internship and school, with my job (man, I am ready to be a not working mom again! but at least I have the best job I could have for what I need!) and Natalie's school. Not to mention we have to clean this cesspool only to have it invaded in a few weeks by Keith's mom, and I have heard rumors both (yes BOTH) of his younger brothers will be here for a few days during her stay (HOW ?!?!?!).

Luckily by then Erin will be moved into a new place! She found a girl through a friend who needed a roomate until July, it will be perfect! We are excited for her (and for us!). That means we will soon be moving Mr. B into a big boy bed! Lots of changes will be happening in the next month over here at the Bowers!

Now who wants to play? and come help clean?...hehehe...just kidding!


Bittles said...

Congrats on the job! I am glad you guys are on the mend. Lots of fun coming your way:)

Mrs. L said...

Wahoo on Kieth's new job.

Unfortunately hubby has got the sickness so not much going on over here but taking care of him.

Kelli said...

I'll get in touch with you soon and we'll plan a play date. I have to get my house back in order after my three days of chaos.

erratic elisa said...

Yay for a new job! I hope you guys are all better. After 2 weeks of being trapped at home, I am waiting for antibiotics, then I'm outta here!
Is Erin staying in Arlington?
I still hope that my sister will get to meet her!