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Monday, January 19, 2009


1. I made TWO new crockpot recipes so far this work week AND the kids ate them. boo yah! And I have 2 more I want to try thanks to Shellie. (she's funny, check her out!)

2. Brady is LOOOOOVING his cape. He wears it and/or the matching shirts literally every day. In fact I think the Superman shirt has been on since Saturday night (taken off begrudgingly for church and meal times...to extend the wear.) It's gonna be a fight in the morning because I stupidly forgot to wash the Batman shirt, and the Superman shirt REALLY needs a good washing!

3. Natalie is in no way shape or form a toddler anymore. I don't think she has been for awhile, but I have been in denial. She talks to me like a full grown kid, and it still weirds me out. She has opinions on how we spend the day, who we play with, what we do. She is 5 going on 14, except I think she has been 14 for about a year already, and it is just now sinking in. We have a lot of fun together, I know there will be rocky times ahead, but she is just so fun!

4. Keith and Mommy are making it work! Keith is study, study, studying like nobodys business. It is by far the hardest thing he has ever done. Especially when I work. He gets home, I go to work. We see each other in bits and spurts and sometimes the longest period of time in a row is maybe 15 minutes. Those days are rough. Seriously, we are going to have some major celebration of some sort after this dang test is done! Mark the date, February 26th.

5. I am dangerously addicted to Pet Society on facebook. It is a sickness. And if you want to play too, I have a link on my profile. But beware.

6. I entered a handmade toy swap, and I am really excited about it. I hope this fever I have for making things doesn't stop!


Kelli said...

Ewan isn't a toddler anymore either. He's so tall and lanky and opinionated. *Sigh*

Bobette said...

Your swap sounds fun. Can't wait to see what you make and receive. I hope February 26th comes quickly for you both.

Caroline said...

I almost did that swap, but I signed up for another handmade toy swap that is due next month, too, so I'm not going to be able to do that one. Enjoy it, though! Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

Have you googled "crockpot recipes" - lots of ideas. Also, check this out: www.canon.com/c-park. Lots of fun stuff you can print out for the kids. Love. Dad

Danielle said...

You sound like you are doing great with Keith being so busy. You and the kids should make a paper chain for the days until dad is done with studying!!!